Friday, September 4, 2015

Weigh In Friday - Do you have a gallbladder?

Hi guys,

Another week has gone by so quickly. I'm still obsessing over food and spending a large amount of time at the supermarkets. My condition has improved slightly as in I am able to tolerate a larger variety of food. This means I am able to go out to eat more often which I am so happy about. I am so sick of eating the food I cook. I am so not a good cook.

I believe the probiotics helped my digestive system a lot and I am taking the potent dose for another 2 weeks. You never know, soon I may be able to eat Korean fried chicken!

I had an ultrasound done on my abdomen a short while ago and I finally got the results. It seems I have gallstones, about 0.2cm in diameter each. As I do not get any pain from these gallstones, the doctor is unsure if they cause my bloating and headaches. Anyway, I have to see a specialist if I want any further investigation. I am probably going to see a subsidised public doctor as the treatment for gallstones is quite costly. Treatment involves removing the gallbladder. Can one live without a gallbladder? Apparently yes. I don't wish to part with my gallbladder and I don't want an unnecessary operation which may lead to other problems. All that can wait. It will take me a few months to get an appointment. Meanwhile, I'm going to keep going with having a healthy diet. Oh, I have to avoid fatty food. Damn!

Something wonderful happened this week. I discovered I love quinoa. I have tried quinoa milk before and it tasted really awful. I was at this supermarket and came across some packed precooked food.

The quinoa salad looked so tempting to me. It wasn't very expensive, just over $5.

I tried it when I reached home and I found it so good. If I added some tuna or chicken, it became my lunch!

With quinoa on my mind, one day when we were out, I saw that Marche had quinoa on the menu and immediately went in to try it. This was a freshly cooked version and was delicious. I even sneaked some home in a ziplock bag and had the leftovers for dinner!

At Marche, we also ordered pork belly with sauerkraut. Do you know why I ordered this even though we're not fans of pork belly? I wanted to try sauerkraut. I've never had it before and was curious about it. Well...., it was kind of tasteless. I may look around for bottled ones and eat them at home with my meals. Usually I have kimchi.

I now have a new way of eating sandwiches. I use Romaine lettuce as the bread! I was watching this Korean reality show (The Return of Superman) and I noticed Koreans use leaves to wrap meat and eat it in one mouthful. Hubs pointed out to me at Carl's Jr you can get burgers wrapped in lettuce. He tried it once and said it was a very messy way to eat.

Breakfast! I have added another cereal for variety. Buckwheat puffs used to be my snack food.

I have the buckwheat puffs with my oatmilk and the combination is good. You have to eat fast or the puffs get soggy.

I had been thinking of re-introducing soba back into my diet. Now when it comes to eating food known to previously cause me problems, I want to eat a very tasty version to make it worth the pain if it comes. I remember I used to love the soba at One Raffles Place and one day hubs and I went ALL THE WAY to Raffles Place just to eat Lava at Wheat.

This is lava. It is freaking good. I think the portion was a bit too much for me. Also there is double carbo - always a no-no. At the end of the meal, I was so full. I knew I was in trouble. We walked around so the wind in my stomach could get expelled. If you saw a lady walking with her arms raised around Raffles Place, it was me. Actually, it wasn't so bad. I got rid of the wind quite fast and I'm happy to report I had no headaches. This means I can eat soba. Well, next time, I'll eat much less.

I had problems with 3 food items this week. First tofu. I'm not a fan of tofu. Usually I wouldn't eat them. I think it's because when I was young, one of my neighbours made tofu in his home. It was quite a massive operation and he had workers and lorries. I smelt tofu every single day. I hated the smell. Anyway, sometimes for lunch I have a bowl of sliced fish soup at the food court. It comes with tofu. I wanted to know if tofu had any effect on me as I had tried another soy product and it was alright. So I ate two pieces. Bad decision. I had a very severe headache.  I know it's the tofu because I have had sliced fish soup many times before. The second food is broccoli. I used to eat broccoli now and then because it's a healthy vegetable. This week I ate broccoli with some safe food and I got hit by a big fat headache. The third food is watermelon. I get only a tiny headache so I may still eat watermelon now and then.

The funny thing about me is on the day I had the big fat headache from broccoli, I still went ahead to try a new food. I had made plans with my girl to try out Mr Bean's soy ice cream in the evening. By then, I had already beaten the headache out of me but it was a huge strain. I was thinking eating an ice cream will really help me out.

This is what I look like after coming out of a food sensitivity attack. Very haggard and dead in the eyes. See how I'm inhaling the soy ice cream?

I enjoyed the soy ice cream very much. It's not the same as regular ice cream as you can taste the soy. But since I can't take dairy, this is better than nothing. Happily, my stomach loves soy ice cream. No problem at all. My daughter hated the ice cream. She will never eat it again. She felt quite ill afterwards.

I haven't forgotten about weighing myself. Having pigged out this week, I was quite nervous to see my weight.

This morning I weighed myself and was surprised by my weight - 57.8kg.

Last Friday, I weighed 58kg. This means I have lost 200 grams this week and a grand total of 5kg 200g since 21st July 2015.

4th Sep 2015 - 57.8kg
28th Aug 2015 - 58kg
21st Aug 2015 - 58.8kg
14th Aug 2015 - 58.9kg
7th Aug 2015 - 59.9kg
21st July 2015 - 63kg

I haven't been very good with my exercise this week. Since my last run at Sentosa on Sunday, I haven't run at all because I have hurt my heel. As I have another run end September, I think it's best to rest my feet until I'm healed. I did continue to walk. My Pilates was a fail. I got so bored with it I didn't do it regularly. I think I need new moves.

Next week I want to try out rice to see if my stomach can tolerate it. If yes, I would be able to eat at any restaurant. Right now I'm restricted to restaurants which serve potatoes instead of rice. I so look forward to that day.


Sandra :) said...

I've had 2 surgeries in the last 8-10 years - gallbladder, and hernia repair. The gallbladder surgery was by FAR the easiest - it was nothing. It was day surgery - I went home a few hours after surgery. They gave me a prescription for 50 (I think?) heavy duty pain killers - that number made me very nervous because - HELLO?! How much pain am I going to have?! I took 2 pills at the hospital before leaving to head off any upcoming pain - then didn't need any more, lol. Recovery was a breeze, with no complications or problems. For me, that surgery was about as bad as going to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. Not what you want to go through every day, but barely a blip in the radar of life. I hope, if you have the surgery, yours goes as well as mine did - I joked afterwards that if you had to have surgery, that was the one to have because it was so uneventful!

Kate said...

I had my gallbladder removed 33 years ago (how can that be, I'm not that old!). In those days the surgery was more extensive then it is today, but I was back to work in 2 weeks, much to the amazement of my coworkers. I felt so much better after the surgery.
Good luck.

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