Sunday, September 27, 2015

ST Run 2015

Hello people who sleep in on Sundays,

Lucky you. I woke up at 6am because I had signed up for yet another organised run. This time a 5km ST Run in the eastern part of Singapore. While prying my eyes open this morning, I tried hard to remember why I keep signing up for these runs which almost always start very early in the morning. Oh, was it that stupid thing about "a couple that runs together stays together?" Maybe. Anyway, hubs and I don't even run together. He signed up for the 18.45km run while I only do 5km. Last night he went to the venue after work and didn't even have a chance to get any sleep. Me on the other hand made my way to the Sports Hub alone at 6:30am.

I was nearly 14 min late for the flag off because number one, the journey by train to the venue took forever. Number two, walking to the flag-off area took me 15min. Anyway, it's ok to be a little late for the flag-off because there are so many participants the road is jammed and for the first 1km, you can't really run anyway.

Hubs caught me as I ran into the Sports Hub with my usual peace signs. At first I thought I did badly for my timing. I did have to walk quite a bit because sometimes there were too many people on the road and it was impossible to run. There were a few stretches which were very narrow so you just have to walk slowly and patiently. I took around 52min to complete the run but when I checked my app, I realised that the distance covered was 6.24km instead of 5km. So not too bad!

Are you ready for the after-the-run photos?

Here's the banana shot. I love it when the organisers give out bananas after a race because I'm starving.

Here's another banana shot. This one with me actually having banana in my mouth.

Here's the champion shot.

This shot is to show you the stadium. It's huge.

Here's the couple shot.

Hubs didn't look that tired despite not having any sleep.

I was wrong. He crashed on the train and is now snoring happily in a coma.

This is my last run for 2015. I have nothing else booked. Yay, I get to sleep in on Sundays. Unless hubs springs a surprise.


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