Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Embroidery without a bag

Since June MAAD ended, I had been lazing around not making anything.I've signed up for July MAAD but I have enough stock.

The next few weeks I'm concentrating on upgrading my skills in sewing zippers in bags. How do I do that? Basically I make bags with zippers! Sewing a pouch with zippers is a lot different from sewing a bag with zippers. For one thing, you need gussets and all unless you want all your bags to look like one giant zippered pouch! Heh heh.

This is a piece of embroidery I completed recently. It's done in backstitch which I like a lot it being similar to drawing with a fine pencil. When I was little and still living in the big ole house in the village, I used to scratch "motifs" on the whitewashed walls with a nail. Okay, they weren't motifs, just scribbles. Then I grew a little older and discovered mechanical pencil and spent many years drawing on my biology book, you know, one page lined, one page blank. At one point, I thought I would become a mechanical pencil artist. Well, that never happened. So here I am, drawing with my needle and backstitch.

I haven't decided what kind of bag this piece of embroidery will be part of. Since I'm doing zippers, the bag will have zippers. The bag will also be simple of course.

I think I will do a post on zippered bags. Wait for it.


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