Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recessed Zipper in a Hand Quilted Boxy Bag

Can you see the rainbow lines I quilted?

This is a HUGE boxy bag I made this week and believe it or not, I hand quilted it! Of course, 5 minutes into it, I completely regretted my decision. My hands completed cramped up. So why not stop hand quilting? Ah, hah! Well, I kept going to see if I could complete it. And now I am typing using a chopstick clamped in my mouth. Just kidding!

The recessed zipper in this bag is done differently from the previous bag. The lining and the outer bag are cut the same height. The recessed part of the bag is attached to the completed bag. The raw edges of the recessed part is then cleverly hidden by doing a fold-down and topstiched.


Alexsandra said...

Jane, I am Brazilian and always look at your blog. I would like to give me step by step how to make this scholarship and how to sew the zipper. Alexsandra
alexsandra.golden @

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