Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zippered Pouch Handbag

So I wondered how a handbag would turn out if I were to make the zipper the way I would for a top zippered pouch. I think it turned out pretty good.

The only difference is I have a bag gusset for this handbag which actually turned out to be really handy to avoid the awkward corners when turning right side out. I think the gusset make the awkward corners go away. If you are thinking of trying this yourself, just avoid thick batting or anything thick. Otherwise you will need an industrial strength sewing machine to sew through the layers at the zipper ends.

My birthday just came and went. I had a great day. This doll was one of the presents I received. I can't wait for some free time to sew some doll clothing for her to feature on Dressedupdolls.

I just realised July MAAD is next weekend. I'm feeling all jittery. I wanted to make a few bags which had been swimming in my head for a while and I fear I won't have time to make them all. Last week a friend gave me a tour of Arab Street and Textile Centre which I did not know exist. There are lots of fabric shops and interesting bag and sewing supplies. I usually shop at Spotlight as it's air-conditioned and everything is labelled in English. I'm so pampered! Time to make a change Jane!

Another blistering hot day. Enjoy your day. Cheers.


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