Friday, June 26, 2009

Protruding Zipper Shoulder Bag

I made this bag last night and I am so loving it!

Check out the fat bottom gusset.

When you get sick of the recessed zipper look, what's the next option? Protruding zipper!

I didn't want a recessed zipper for this bag because it would change the look I wanted. A protruding zipper is a lot easier to do than a recessed zipper. You sew the zipper gusset separately and when it's done, you sew it onto the outer bag's top raw edges (right side together). Then you sew the lining to the outer bag the regular way. (Just pretend the zipper gusset isn't there) The ends of the zipper can be hidden with fabric tabs.

The length of the zipper gusset is a personal choice. You can make it as short as you like or as long as the width of the bag. Just remember that the ZIPPER needs to be as long or longer than the width of the bag.

Happy sewing!


antmee said...

Awesome bag! I love gussets on a bag. I tried to make a gusset bag myself once. Never finished it because I couldn't get the seams to press flat and the bag looked poorly done! So congrats on a gusset bag nicely done!! I should post a pic of it anyway on my blog and ask your advice! :D

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