Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recessed Zippered Shoulder Bag

This was my first zippered top bag.

The zipper is set 2" down from the top. I think this way of doing zippers is called recessed zipper. How much you want to "recess" your zipper is entirely up to you but the lower you go, the harder it is to zip the bag. And if you set it too high, then it wouldn't be a recessed zipper.

A tabbed end is not necessary for the zipper. I just think it looks nicer.

For this particular method of sewing recessed zipper, the lining is shorter than the outer bag. You need to exclude the height of the "recess". But remember to retain the lining seam allowance. Also, you need to be precise when you sew the zipper onto the "recessed" fabric. Just a little off and you'll end up with a zipper that bulges out when zipped. Not pretty.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

This looks really interesting. I have tried my own version of recessed zippers with mixed results. Is there any chance you'll be doing a tutorial?...I think it would be great. ;o)

jane p said...

Hi Jane. I'll definitely consider doing a tutorial. Maybe some time in July? Meanwhile, what aren't you happy about with your own version of recessed zippers?
Cheers, Jane

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