Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Cure For Laziness

When my NB running shoes started to feel unbalanced, I found the perfect excuse to stop jogging. It was my routine to go to the park for a 6 round jog after walking my son to school in the morning. But really, all I wanted to do was eat my breakfast in front of the pc and watch something on the internet. I kept putting off buying another pair of running shoes. I was enjoying myself too much. I didn't even care that much when my butt kept getting bigger. Big butt is good right? Well, my honeymoon soon ended.

My husband tricked/trapped me into going into Royal Sporting House or was it World of Sport? I simply couldn't tell them apart. Long story short, I found myself trying out running shoes and suddenly I became the owner of a pair of adidas running shoes.

So I'm back to jogging again. Except I had lost my momentum and I would make excuses to avoid jogging. I'm so lazy now. I don't know how my brain works but next thing I knew, I had signed a 1 year contract for a once-a-week pilates class at a gym. My husband was sitting right next to me when I signed it.  It's true I had been looking for a pilates class for a while. My pain doctor had suggested several times I take up some form of yoga or pilates. I simply couldn't find one to fit my schedule. Now it's sealed. I am under contract to exercise. Is this the cure to laziness?

Good news for me. I'm getting a free netbook. Last week I made a netbook sleeve for a customer. It was my first netbook sleeve. I forgot to take pictures. I'm so forgetful. This week I'm planning to make a few netbook sleeves to sell at a craft sale at Vanda Road. It's at the organiser's home. Food will be provided for the sellers. It's so sweet of the organisers (2 kids who are students) to take care of us. More details about this sale later.

I wonder if anyone has started using the new blogger editor. I have and I'm not that happy about it. The main grouse for me is I'm used to typing from "edit HTML". But the major tools buttons are not longer available so I have no choice but to use "Compose" mode. I was also hoping the "add picture" function allows muliple uploads like Flickr but it does and it doesn't. Use it and you will know what I mean. Still it's an improvement.
I've discovered a cheap way to create a prototype of my bags. Newspaper! I don't know why I didn't think of it in the past. Hmm. Maybe it's my fear of getting ink all over my hands. Yes, that's it.

I made another gibbon bag using this "newspaper method". But I'm not too happy with the gibbon applique. I think the colour is off. My powers of visualization is gone. Oh no! What's interesting about this bag is the rectangular bottom is created using pleats!
I had time to kill while waiting at the bus stop for my girl to come home from camp. So I made this piggy brooch. It's my first brooch! My husband wanted to know who would want to wear a pig??

Coming up: Sarubobo Tutorial.


Diane said...

Your bags are darling. I printed off your "recessed zipper shoulder bag" and going to try it soon. I am also hooked on making bags/totes.

Diane in Tampa, Florida
Check out my blog:

Jenny said...

Love the piggy brooch, I would wear it, how about a pattern and tutorial?

jane p said...

Hi Jenny, I made the piggy brooch without a pattern. Just did it free and easy. But I'll rustle something up. After the sarubobo tutorial.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

In case you are interested. There is a plug in for firefox called scribefire whcih is an excellent editor for blogger. I use it all the time and it is more blogger editor problems.

jane p said...

Hi Jane
thanks. i'll definitely give it a try.
Jane P

*Tea said...

i tried Pilates once, but oh, it was quite exhausting.. haha :D
besides that, jogging is a inexpensive way to work out for poor students :D

btw, I use tissue paper for creating protoypes of doll clothes, so i won´t waste precious fabric.
You could try packing paper, you can get it for quite cheap and won´t have all the printing ink on the fingers :D
On the other hand, recycling newspapers sure is better for a green world. ^_^;

jane p said...

thks *Tea
your doll clothes are so gorgeous!
Jane P

YUN ZHEN! said...

Hey, your gibbon bag is very nice :D Especially like the pleated bottom. :D

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