Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Another Pleated Bag

Seems like I live with a family with obsessive behaviour. My kids are crazy over Korean pop songs and a facebook game called Restaurant City. Despite a heavy school workload, exams and a mom and dad who hoard the computer, they manage to log in a decent amount of time on Restaurant City. Before school, after school, before showering, after showering, before dinner, after dinner...As for the Korean songs, they all sound alike to me but the kids are able to tell them apart. Well, they should. If I don't raise any objection, it's Korean pop night, night after night after night. I can only identify one song as it involves telephone ringing and a long conversation. I can't tell you how much I dislike this song. If only my kids will pay as much attention to Chinese songs. Then maybe I can stop paying a ransom to the Chinese Language Tuition Centre every term.

My husband's current obsession is jeans. In several shades of black, blue, brown.. It used to be windbreaker. In several shades of black, blue, brown.. Before that, it was shoes. In several... You get the idea. Me? It's pleats. Now, I want pleats on every bag I make. Pleats, pleats everywhere. Don't worry. I'll get sick of it. Then I'll find something else to get excited about. That's how it is with this family.

So, it's yet another pleated bag. The "band" is wide and curved. I made a template before cutting the fabric. A curved band is rather hard to draw. A curved band with pleats is worse. I took a few classes in drafting fabric when I was young. I think they're finally paying off!

For the bottom, I wanted it to look sexy. So I made the bottom gusset end in a point. Can you see it? I think I just found my next obsession. :D


Jenny said...

Thats a great bag Jane, where do you get your fabric? Is it upholstery/curtain weight?

jane p said...

Hey Jenny, it's upholstery fabric from ikea. some people might laugh at this but i'm a big ikea uphostery fabric fan. the fabric is strong yet not too thick.

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