Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black And White Beauty

I've been really happy last couple of days as it started raining heavily. In Singapore, cold is something you have to pay for. I don't mind the hot weather so much as long as it's not muggy. And Singapore weather is mostly muggy. I love rainy days especially when I'm indoors about to go to bed. Due to some freak fengshui, my bedroom is located in this part of earth where during cold nights, the room feels like there's air-conditioning. It's so cold I could sleep till noon. (sometimes I do :D)

September MAAD is fast approaching and I've started packing for my sale. I always leave a lot of tasks until the last day. It's a habit I can't break. I'm always nervous before the sale because you never know how it's going to turn out. Each time is different for me.

I really shouldn't be sewing anymore but I'm on a roll. It's that way for me. Some days I can't make anything. Some days I can't stop.

This black and white bias binding beauty is my latest bag.

Bias binding is no piece of cake. I've done bias binding countless of time but it's still a lot of work. I wish I have a bias binding foot for when I sew the edges together. Right now I use a zipper foot. I looked up the catalogue for my Brother machine innovis-200 and I cannot find any bias binding support device.

I love this black and white print. I rarely use black and white print mainly because it's hard to find good ones. The ones which are available are overpriced. But I'll definitely like to work with more black and white prints.

Darn it! The sun's out again.


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