Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Guess Which Bag Was Sold First?

So ends another MAAD for me. I had visitors again. It was nice.

My sister, Erica (middle one) came with her family on Sat. You can't tell how tall she is from this pic. She's super model tall. She gave me a bunch of fabric some time ago.

Here she is modelling a bag I had given her.

Hoola hooping up a storm.

This is Elaine, another sis who popped by on Sunday. She's modelling a bag I had given her. Her girl takes beautiful photos of nature. I'm doing a few bags using her girl's photos for inspiration.

My sis-in-law also came by with her friend. I forgot to take a picture.

Mandy whom I met on my first ever MAAD also gave me fabric. She's really versatile. Now she sells hair accessories and jewellery. Check her out at Forest Flame.

Mandy's gift. So retro.

It struck me today. I have become a fabric leech. :D

My sales were disappointing. I only sold 6 bags. On top of that, on Sunday, I developed a ginormous headache which lasted until yesterday. It was such a relief to wake up this morning not to have your head on the verge of imploding.

Although my sales did not meet my expectations, I am still optimistic and will soldier on. I have signed up for 2 days of craft market in 2nd half of October. I'm skipping October MAAD because the dates aren't good for me. I have also signed up for 3 days in November and another 3 days in December. So it's going to be busy, busy sewing time for me. Two of the craft markets I'll be selling at are new to me. So I'll have to do a bit of research on the customers. I'm venturing out of the Red Dot Design Museum. It's kind of scary yet adventurous.

This was the first bag I sold. A very pretty lady with a daughter bought it.

For this bag, I don't have a good picture because I had forgotten to take a photo of it.This was my sweetest sale for me because many people criticised me for its largeness. I had pictured the customer for this bag as someone who carries it with attitude and not so much to carry a lot of stuff. I felt really vindicated when a young woman who fits exactly the image of this imaginary customer bought it.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Keep at it and the sales will increase for sure. Nice vindication, sweet sale for sure.

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