Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Wish I Can Draw Like A Kid

My girl drew some animals for me to embroider onto blue fabric. White embroidery on dark blue fabric is one of my favourite indulgences and I go back to it from time to time. When I draw animals, I need to look at photos of the actual creature and study the details before I can even begin. My kids don't do that. They draw from their imagination. My son who's 12 tends to draw details. My girl who's 9 is very kawaii. I love all the drawings she did for me and she's waiting for her royalties.

The following 2 moose heads were done by me.

A simple zip pouch.

A simple denim stationery case.

Both now available at Etsy.

I have not been successful selling at Etsy. I thought that if I list, the buyers would come. (I'm murdering Field of Dreams) I honestly have no clue why I can't sell my bags at Etsy. I wish someone could point me the right way. I have joined some groups and the members have given some advice. I hope it works. So I'm back to listing my items on Etsy and bleeding money.

I wonder if anyone noticed what my current obsession is? Yes, it's animals.


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