Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Up & Go Go

Hi friends,

I believe most of you have blog friends? When I first started blogging in 2007, the concept of blog friends was rather alien to me. In fact, I only started leaving comments on blogs I read after encouragement from me hubs. I cannot point you to the first blog post I left my first comment on as the blog has closed. I was just beginning to sew bags in those days and I left a comment to tell the blogger that I had used her tute to sew a little zip pouch. For days, I worried over the comment. I wondered if the blogger had read it. Did anyone else read it? Was I too cheesy? And so on. Yes, kinda paranoid like would the comment police come to my door?

I did not leave any more comments after that as it took a lot of courage to leave the first one. For those of you who are seasoned "commenters", it really was not easy for me.

Much to my surprise, a while later, the blogger emailed me to tell me she liked how my zip pouch turned out and wanted to feature it on her blog. I was shocked and horribly flattered. I had not expected any contact from the blogger. It totally changed the way I viewed blogging. The interaction was so pleasant and invigorating. And might I say, addictive.

Being featured on her blog also changed something else. People started reading my blog. In the beginning, it was just me, my family and the occasional reader who stumbled on my blog. I think this blogger was rather popular because for a few years, I would get a lot of traffic from her blog. I was quite sad when she closed her blog.

Well, I became less afraid of leaving comments as I went along and before long, I actually made a few blog friends. One blog friend in particular, Antmee she's had a pretty big impact on my life though I'm not sure if she's even aware.

I think I told you guys how I wanted to start my ePattern business in 2009 but I could not get going. I had so many issues - hardware, software, lack of confidence, shyness. You name it. Then in end 2010, I told Antmee about my pdf patterns and she agreed to try the first ePattern. I think she went beyond trying. She gave me very good suggestions and her opinion which I value. I gained a lot of confidence from her feedback. Still I did not launch it till mid 2011 as I wanted to use a better software.

As you know, I've already launched 3 of my ePatterns. For my last ePattern for this year, I turned to Antmee once again and as always, she's a fabulous blog friend. I think I'm very lucky to meet her. Thank you, my friend.

USD $7
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My dear readers, I present to you my Get Up & Go Go Sling Bag. I know, what a ridiculous name. I ripped it off Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

This is a bag that every woman should own. It's a good size to keep your essentials. A zipper to lock everything in and a cool sling so you can carry it crossbody.

What else? No raw seams. (I'm still unable to make bags with the seams exposed)

Plus a pleated bottom.

Anyone has an Etsy account? Please do me a big favour and go heart it or buy it. HERE. ♥♥♥

Lastly, I'm doing a Black Friday Etsy and Cyber Monday Etsy promotion. So all my ePatterns are at a special price of US$5 each. From now till 30 Nov 2011.

Some of you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week? Hope you enjoy it. And happy shopping too. All the best to everyone who owns shops and having sales. Me hubs says he'll be raiding Amazon on Cyber Monday. See you in a while.



Sandra's Fiberworks said...

These bags are terrific! And as to commenting, interesting; my stats seem to be good, but maybe a lot of readers are like you, hesitant to leave comments. I enjoy leaving comments, as I know how much it means to me to get comments. especially on blogs I enjoy visiting, like yours. Your story is encouraging (I've only been blogging for a year).

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Thanks of visiting my blog -- hope you followed! I like to keep up with like-minded people. I like your site so much, I forwarded it to a sewing friend of mine who is looking to start of her own blog; she's written a sewing book, and while publishers are interested, they want to see a cyber following.

I don' know why you couldn't open that braiding post. And I have to check my email. Question: do you know if we replay to comments on our posts, the commenters ever see them? Or if there is a setting for that?

punkychewster said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Although i suspect most people in Singapore don't celebrate it.

Anyway, congrats on successfully launching your ePatterns. For me, your experience sounds strangely familiar to mine. Only my friend (who is also a blogger) encouraged me to start an Etsy shop. I was hemming and hawing for the longest time, but finally got the courage to do it after her encouragement! So i know how you feel!! Here's to greater success on Etsy and more ePatterns!!!


Chris H said...

Like you, I was petrified leaving my first few comments on blogs. Now I don't even worry.. just say what I want and go again... don't even give it a second thought.

Your patterns are neat.... I hope you sell heaps.

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