Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spot the elevens

Hey folks,

It's a been a while since my last post and you must be wondering if I'm dead or alive. No? I'm still here. I've just gotten over a tiny attack of migraine. It's all good now. My brain is a little confused tho'. This morning I thought it was Thursday. Then I found out it's really Wednesday. Joy! Technically I've gained one day. Woo hoo!

I'm wishing the rainy season will end soon. Rainy season means I get the sneezy nose and sometimes itchy skin. Plus, my laundry doesn't dry properly. Every year I get the urge to buy a dryer and then I don't. I don't really know how to fit a dryer into the laundry area as there's no room. Just wishful thinking. It's also a losing battle for me trying to get my next ePattern up. When I am ready to do some photography, it's hopelessly grey. Today the sun came out and I was out! Who knew living in Singapore you would have to wait for days for the sun? In a couple of months, I'm pretty sure I'll be sweating every day and wishing the sun would take a break.

Want to hear some updates about the sales of my ePattern? Since I launched my sexy zippy wristlet last Thursday, I've sold a grand total of (drum roll) 6 copies. Yep, literally 1 a day. Oh....wait. Don't look so sad. It's a success story! Did I not make that clear? I think 6 copies in 6 days is pretty good. Sure, if you compare it to say a more established pattern maker, 6 copies is pretty pathetic, but it's not to me. Yay!

Want more updates? Remember in this post, I alerted you to the numerous drowning at Bedok Reservoir in Singapore? It is now confirmed that Bedok Reservoir is indeed a serial killer. A sixth body was found on Saturday. The body was fished out shortly before a blessing of the souls was conducted by the Inter-Religious Organisation at the reservoir. Psst...I think their timing was off. The organisation in charge of Bedok Reservoir has currently engaged a security agency to patrol the reservoir. Hopefully, these men will catch the reservoir red-handed and chain it up or something to put an end to all the drowning.

You guys want to play a game with me? First some backstory. Over the weekend, I was asked if I would do anything special for this Friday's MAAD which falls on 11.11.11. Without thinking it through, I gallantly said I would sell 11 zip pouches for $11 each. Right away, I started making 2 and it was quite a breeze. I didn't want the zip pouches to be any ole print. So I decided I would use either stamping or embroidery to embellish them. Kind of make them a little special. Then it occurred to me that I would actually have to make another 9 zip pouches.

Here's the game. I basically played around with the date 11.11.11. See if you can spot the 3 elevens. Some are pretty obvious. No prizes for getting it correct. Just for your own satisfaction.
Here we go....

At first I went really literal.

This one is pretty obvious.

I was thinking of going Matrix the movie route and do running stitches of elevens. Then I thought of the amount of work involved.... so I settled.

Still a little literal but sweet right?

Starting to run out of ideas. Houses to the rescue!

I'm not shy to steal from my own databank. Remember my first tulip?

I LOVE little girls with balloons. You may have noticed I'm trying to hide my elevens. See, I kinda had a seizure thinking what would happen if no one bought these zip pouches on 11.11.11? Would be pretty hard to sell them on say, 12th November.

I think I hid the elevens pretty well here.

Yep, reworked the flowers but this time, less literal.

I had a sudden inspiration - the 3 amigos. I was giggling as I made this.

This reflects my state of mind when I made it. Just. 2. More!

Even the houses were grumpy!

Did you play along?

Here's your reward. I'll let you take a peek at my lining! It's been a while since the last peek.

I'm exhausted. So I'll see you when I see you. If you are in Singapore this Friday, pop by red dot design museum to celebrate 11.11.11. Details below.

Maad Pyjamas
11.11.11 Friday
5pm to midnight

@ red dot design museum
28 Maxwell Road, red dot Traffic, Ground Floor

Projects By Jane's 11.11.11 Special
11 stamped and embroidered zip pouches will be sold at $11 each
Any unsold ones will  be bumped off either thru' Etsy or other craft markets.

p.s. I'm linking up here: Tea Rose Home, Skip To My Lou Ninth Street Notions


Little Blue Mouse said...

I can't for the life of me see them in the leaf and stars one.

Bethany said...

It's driving me bonkers - in the one where you hid them well--where in the hell are they?

Kandi said...

Yay I love these printed and stitched pouches and I love the simple fabric you have used. I got them all I'm delighted with myself! Good luck on the 11th!
Kandi x

jocelyn teo said...

i found them! but i don't think i should spoil the game for the others. :) I'm heading down tomorrow, hope to see you there!! ♥

Chris H said...

I hope you had a good lot of sales on 11/11/11.
Can you put a clothes dryer on the wall.. we did.

punkychewster said...

aww man! you had specially made those ppouches with 11.11.11 on them and i totally didn't get it! *palms face* that's too cute! if only i had read this post before MAAD.

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