Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Accessory

Dear fellow bloggers and readers,

How are you guys? Time did not stand still for me and I am frantically cutting fabric and trying to get into the groove so I can sew bags for my December craft markets. Before I talk about other stuff, I have a very important announcement to make:

Project Accessory is unwatchable.

Project Accessory is similar to Project Runway in format ie. you have a bunch of contestants given a challenge and limited supplies and within a limited time, create one or more accessories. It is a reality TV show.

I gave this new show a go as I am naturally interested in accessories plus I am a big fan of Project Runway. I am a very loyal viewer. If I like a show, I will watch every single episode. I'm kinda like Hachi: A dog's tale. In fact, I'm still hanging around, waiting for Law & Order to return. If you must know I have watched every single episode of:

•The Nanny
•Will and Grace
•The Amazing Race
•Big Bang Theory
•How I Met Your Mother (I want to give up tho')
•2 and a half men (still hanging on)
•Law and order
•Law and order svu
•Law and order criminal intent
•Fringe (on the verge of giving up)

Yes, I know. I watch too much TV. The amount of time I spent on these shows - I could make 1000 bags and 100 ePatterns!

Back to the topic. Why is Project Accessory unwatchable? The host, the judges and the contestants. Basically every bit of the show doesn't work for me. First of all, the host, the mentor and the judges seem so uninterested. I mean, where are the mean girls? Where are the judgy statements. Where are the bitchiness? Where's Mr Kors? The contestants are worse. Everyone looks straight. Where are the over-the-top gay guys? We need them in reality TV. Otherwise it's just watching you and me work.

I decided to hang on until the handbag challenge. Of course the contestant who's a bag designer won just as the shoe designer won the shoe challenge. None of the contestants thought to show us what the inside of the bag looked like. I mean, were there raw seams? Was it even lined? One guy actually put on the runway a bag with holes and he was not even eliminated. Alright I give up. This show is history to me.

Now for some linky love. A few more bloggers joined my Christmas gift linky party. Thank you.

pic from What's Going On?

First to jump in is Rebecca from What's Going On? The wristlet look familiar? Yep, it's made from my ePattern. I'm not kidding. I was so ridiculously happy to see it. Want to make one? Get the pattern here.

pic from Relished Artistry

Who's next? Ah, it's my only male reader Corey from Relished Artistry. I remember the first day we "met" like it was yesterday. Okay, I don't. I've been reading his blog for a long time now. He's very arty and always has something interesting to say. I like to read his thought process - very often raw and honest. His neck laces are really gorgeous. If you think you can make one, go to the tute.

pic from Yadira's Crafty Adventures

Yadira recommends a pretty flower brooch/hair-clip. Her blog is Yadira's Crafty Adventures. I like this combo of red on pink. It's so cheery!

pic from Sweet Bee Buzzings

Bethany from Sweet Bee Buzzings has a change purse tute. I remember "meeting" Bethany like it was yesterday. Geez, I don't. Suddenly one day, I found myself reading her blog religiously. I don't remember how or why. It just was. She makes bags as well but she's more versatile. She makes quilts and things to hang around the mantel.

pic from Hobo Chic Project

Hobo Chic Project came with food. How polite! If you want to turn oreos into lollies, go to her tute.

And that ends my party. Hope you enjoyed it. I have to read my linky tool email to see if I have to pay to hold another link party. If it's free, I might just hold another one. But don't worry. Not so soon.

See you soon.


tamdoll said...

Jane, last time you mentioned Project Accessory I kept it in mind. You see, I don't usually watch tv at all... but with all the knitting I'm doing, it was eventual that I'd be sitting in the living room with the tv on. And I think you're right. The handbag challenge was a travesty. I think I'll stick to the "B" horror movies, at least I can laugh at those. If only I could browse the internet while knitting, I'd be really happy!

[ .: Hols :. ] said...

Thanks for the linkage. Your wristlet looks awesome - might try that once I unearth my sewing machine & finish all my Christmas projects!

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