Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marry me juliet

Hey people,

Today is 20.11.2011. A great day to get married in Singapore. (I imagine it'll be hard to get a taxi tonight. I'm still recovering from 11.11.11)

I attended my niece's wedding this afternoon. No, she did not choose to get married at 20:11hrs. But I imagine some people would. I still remember my niece when she was a little baby. She was always smiling and laughing and really plumb. I called her The Laughing Buddha. I didn't see much of her when she was in primary school. One day I saw her at a book shop. I was quite surprised to see her alone looking at some books. In my mind I was thinking how on earth did she get here by herself? I walked up to her and started talking to her. She went absolutely pale and ran straight to her mom. I think she thought I was gonna kidnap her. She didn't recognise me at all. Happy to report she no longer runs screaming from me.

In honour of this happy occasion, I wore heels. Technically they're heels because they're not flat.

Me and hubs went as 80's rock groupies. To make it more relevant, he gave his hair the Justin Bieber look. I respected the special occasion and ran my fingers through my hair a couple of times to "comb" it.

We did not get married on a special date. However, the date we chose turned out to be the hottest day in a century. How cool, I mean, how hot was that! Just picture me sweating in a gown and full make-up on my face. Me hubs did write a little about how we ended up married. It's very unromantic. Read it here if you care.

The bride wore a dress. For the first time.

I like the door gifts. The containers can be used to store my beads. You get different words like "Love", "Hold". I did not investigate what my siblings received.

The second gift is a piece of chocolate. I contemplated bringing it home to the kids. Then I popped it in my mouth. Me hubs did the same. Fortunately I found a spare one and my kids shared it.

So that was a lovely afternoon. Always love it when couples get hitched. It is a courageous move. To take a gamble on a person till death. To love and to cherish.

On another note, I had a link party here but the response was poor. It's like I had a party and no one showed up! I feel like the uncool kid in school all over again. No one wants to partay? You guys own blogs, don't you?

A grand total of 2 persons showed up. Technically, 3 persons showed up but the 3rd person sells stuff!

pic from Kamiel and Odille

First to show was Kamiel and Odille. She brought oven mitts. Remember, you need to borrow a large man's hands for the pattern.

Pic from Made To Treasure

Next was Made To Treasure. She brought quilted ornaments. These are really beautiful.

Anyway, it was kinda awkard. A party with just 3 persons. Everyone stood against the wall. I tried to liven things up with Def Leppard and discussing Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's break-up. Of course it was even more awkward when the 1000 pizzas came.......

Guys, the link party is still going on. It ends on Tuesday. You can still jump in if you want. HERE.

See you soon.


Bethany said...

I'll be jumping into your party! I'm working on my post now :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm just catching up on blog reading or I would definiately have come to your link party. I'm so sad to have missed it!

Chris H said...

You niece's dress looks amazing!
I hope you get more guests to your party!

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