Friday, December 16, 2011

All I want for the next 8 days....

Dear Santa,

All I want for the next 8 days at VivoCity Craft Market:

I don't fall sick.
Good sales.
No run-in with any crazy bitches.

p.s. if it's not too much trouble, get the Abercrombie & Fitch boys to visit VivoCity (level one, facing Denizen) anytime from 11am to 10pm (Saturday 17th to next Saturday 24th)

Done salivating? 

This week's been hectic. I made it a point to do the price tagging, packing, finishing mid-week. And I got the kids to help. Yes, nerves were frayed (mostly mine) as always when I get the kids involved. But I was dead tired. So glad I have 2 kids. Today is Friday and I'm relaxed as there's no need to rush like usual. 

Speaking of frayed nerves, in Singapore yesterday, the MRT (like subway) suffered a major breakdown. Passengers had to be evacuated (walk thru' dark tunnels), windows were smashed by over-anxious passengers to let in AIR and thousands had to find alternative ways to go home. My kids and hubs were on the train when they heard the announcement that the trains are delayed. I think they got lucky they managed to get the last few running trains. During those moments when they were wondering what was going on, I went to twitter to see what's happening but it was just confusion and questions. That is always the biggest problem. Lack of timely information. When the train reached the stop where we live, me hubs said the carriage sounded like it was breaking apart. I'm just glad everyone got home safe and sound. I hope the transport minister will fix our "world-class" transport system soon. Either that or strike out "world-class". Btw, the breakdown was caused by failure in the 3rd rail. Never heard of the 3rd rail? Neither have I. It's the rail that supplies electricity to the trains.

I have a few bags to show you. First, 3 crossbody bags. I made the straps adjustable.

Houses anyone?

More houses?

I've used the ricco-ricco fabric before. And yes, I've a thing for houses. 

This cross-body bag is in linen-cotton.

Ricco-ricco houses in its magnificence.

Okay, some people like the beige/brown/minimalist look.

And some odds and ends.

The next 8 days are going to be gruelling. I have to be at VivoCity for 12hours every day. If it doesn't kill me, it will make me stronger. See you on Sunday when I announce the winner of my awesome fabric/pattern giveaway. Have you entered?


Forest Flame Millinery said...

I had 3 meals a day X 4 sessions in Nov. You will be sick of the foods at B2 Kopi Tiam. The Penget Ayam is tasteless, the porridge tastes like starch paste, the Char Siew rice is rice with sweet syrupy sauce and hard red coloured pork. Only food I think is nice is the Chinese Mixed Rice. Tell your kid to check what time the hand-made candy starts their demo. After demo, everyone gets free lollipop or whatever special they have. Or bring cup noodles and get hot water from Grace's mother.She bought a kettle for the 8 days so that everyone can make hot drinks or noodles. On the whole, the Denizen side people are quite nice (e.g Lulu who sells kids' headband), some a bit more guarded but they are not like that punch-me-in-the-face woman. However, they converse in Mandarin most of the time.The best revenge is to out-sell her.

jane p said...

Hello Mandy, I think I will be next to Lulu. Haven't met her yet. I'll stick to 2 meals out. If the food sucks, maybe I'll lose wt. At 313 somerset, after 3 days, my jeans were just hanging off my butt!!! Sweat poured out of me so it could have been water loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

How much will this 'cross-body bag in linen-cotton' and the one in 'crescent shape' with the same material be? Tks!


jane p said...

pls email me projectsbyjane at for price info. thks.

Bethany said...

Good luck with your sales!!! And maybe one crazy bitch? It would make interesting blog fodder...but not too crazy :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

I hope you get plenty of sales and meet lots of lovely people at the market.

I'm loving your housey bags, but is the linen-cotton one dirty? ;)

Laurie-Jane said...

I like houses very nice. I was evacuated too this week my 6yr old daughter was in hospital on a drip. We were both asleep when an announcement for code red came on and we were told not to freely move around the hospital. Next thing we were told to pack up because the childrens ward was flooded but they didn't know why. I would have punched out a window if I was strong enough. Turns out an 18yr had driven his car through the hospital and hit a water mains. He had just found out his best mate had slept with his girlfriend, fair enough then. We were sent home and my little girl is fine now. Very dramatic at the time.

Good luck with the sale

from Laurie

Karen said...

Hi Jane

I am a new reader to your blog and I am finding it very interesting :)

I live in the UK but I have visited Singapore twice and thought it was lovely.

I am relavtively new to sewing and I also tend to make bags, purses and pouches. Still slow going but I keep trying new things. I think it's great you sell your items at craft fairs etc - maybe I will at some point too.

How did you learn to make such nice bags or did you teach yourself? Also where did you get that fabulous skull fabric in this post? I want some!!


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