Friday, December 9, 2011

Come to my boudoir

You know the romance has gone out of your marriage when you leave a note for your hubs which says:
Come to my boudoir and I will make you very happy.
Hubs comes home from work late at night, reads the note and IMMEDIATELY guesses correctly that the Black Friday items he had ordered has arrived and they are on the bed.

As it turned out, the packages were items he had ordered for me so he was totally crushed.

Yes, life in this household is ever so exciting....

Ever since I casually mentioned to hubs that I might accessorize myself in something Christmasy when I sell at VivoCity next weekend (for 8 days), hubs has gone nuts trying to find something for me. He totally loves shopping so it's almost like my gift to him.

I don't know how long he hunted but he managed to find this very light scarf at a shop in Singapore. I like it. It's really soft.

Would you believe hubs bought this Handmade scarf from a folksy shop? Yes, I couldn't believe it myself too. It's so cute. I think I will rock this scarf.

The santa's hat is for my girl. She has been practising looking emo in it. I think we're all set for Christmas. Oh, oh, if I can get the twirly sparkly thingy, I will hang them on my counter too.

Today I decided to take a short break from sewing as I feel my muscle ache creeping up. I've been really sewing my head off and it's getting a bit tiring. Let me show you what I've made. It's all stripes and checks. If stripes and checks don't sell, I'm dead.

The return of the poufy pouch. I tried to stay away. I did. But I couldn't help myself.

Zip pouches to pay the rent.

I'm starting to like these gift pouches.

I thought some sexy zippy wristlets in checks and stripes won't hurt.

And lunchtime pouches in these stripes and checks are so sweet! Love, love them. But man, I'm really tired. Time to zzzzzzzz.

Come back Monday for my awesome fabric/pattern giveaway, you hear? Have a fab weekend.


Chris H said...

Wow lots of stripes!
I am sure they will sell, they are all adorable.
AND... your embroidered pouch and cards arrived!
THANK YOU so much.... you are so lovely.

Chris H said...

Hey Chick, if you get a chance go back and see what I put on my blog again today.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm sure the stripes and checks will go down a storm!

That cracked me up when you said your gift to your hubs was letting him buy things for you!

Anonymous said...

I was surfing blogs an came across yours. I love it and this post realy made me laugh.
You're making fabulous bags. Thanks for the tutorials I might find the courage one day to try and make my own bag :-)
Dutch hugs

Dee said...

LOL! Oh Jane I so relate to you.
It's my 21st wedding anniversary on the 14th (tomorrow) and if my hubs does anything I will fall off my chair. I'm no better mind. One year his mum rang about midday to wish us a happy anniversary. We looked at each other and laughed - neither of us had remembered that it was our anniversary!

I think the stripy bags look fabo. I especially love the stripy wristlets.

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