Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this fab fabric?

The minute I saw this piece of fabric I knew I had a winner. It's a Alexander Henry anime print of a dragon princess. Pretty cartoon girl, with black and gold orange/red. Plus Chinese characters. (or maybe Japanese characters?) All the right elements.

I was so wrong. I have made a total of 4 items from this fabric and I've only sold a grand total of ONE. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this fabric? It's my money losing fabric. My worst performing fabric. My white elephant. I have the desire to make the rest of it into scarves.

This "Get up and go go" sling bag I gifted to myself. I use it at craft markets. And I've received many "where did you get this"?

And I have another similar bag for sale but no one would buy it. They would get attracted to the fabric but buy it? No. Customers have told me the fabric is too childish for a woman and not suitable for a kid. Me hubs has told me the similar bag I gifted to myself is too kiddy for me.

I'm finally sewing like a maniac. I have a total of 5 "Get Up And Go Go" sling bags. I hope I've chosen winning fabric this time around. Btw, heads up. My photos are all shaky today. I was just in time to catch the dying sun and it was thundering and lightning like crazy. And lightning makes me nervous even though I'm in my balcony. Still I don't want to take chances. Getting killed by lightning in Singapore is a very real risk.

Usually I do not sell the bags which I use for my ePatterns. My plan is to house them in a small glass cabinet and stare at them in my retirement. But I have a lot of the pseudo patchwork fabric so I made one more. Incidentally, this is a winning fabric. :)

This fabric called out to me for its colour. Yellow-green. I feel faint when I see yellow-green fabric. Another two colours that take my breath away are teal and turquoise.

Stripes always work for other bags but this is the first time I've made a "Get Up And Go Go" sling bag with this fabric. Sometimes you just can't tell.

Mama mia. This checked fabric really rocks this sling bag. If no one buys it, I'll gift it to myself. Ah yes, the occupational hazard of a bag-maker.

I thought the linen-cotton would look so good on this bag. Am I right? I've just received this fabric so it's still too early to tell if customers will like this fabric. You know, I've been wrong so many times before. But my bet is this is going to be a small winner. Let's face it. Linen-cotton is very niche. You know, once the Christmas craft markets are over, I'm going to make myself a large linen-cotton bag. Man, I wish I make clothes as well.


Oh, hey. Thanks guys for all your suggestions about what to do with my upside-down bag. Your ideas are all nutty so I totally LOVE them.


Remember me hubs had 2 out of 3 moles surgically removed? Here's a photo of his new look. Yep, he exchanged his moles for scars. Also, interestingly, since he removed his first mole, he has had a serious bout of hives, tripped and fallen badly while crossing the road and discovered a lump at the back of his head. I hope nothing else serious happens.

Lastly, I'm having a fabric giveaway on Monday!!!!!!!!!  See you in a couple of days. 10 sewing days left till my craft market at VivoCity.


Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

lovely bags !!

punkychewster said...

hey jane! it's so subjective with fabric choices. everybody has a different taste. at the craft fairs, i always think that one fabric will be a sure sell, but i can be horribly wrong too. don't fret, keep the fabric and there will be a time when it will come to good use (ie. fabric hoard! hahaha)

Robin Smith said...

Re: Fabric - I like it, and even more important, I have a daughter who (I THINK) would LOVE it in that she's into anime and one of her favorite shirts is one that I ironed on an applique of an anime girl similar to this fabric. Don't know, though - these girls are a little "sexier" than the fabric I found, and she's shy about that (age 14).

tamdoll said...

Love your bags!! (As usual!!) I don't think there's anything wrong with the Alexander Henry fabric - it's adorable. I do think it will appear to teens or women in their 20's though. Hip, trendy women that is.

Karen M. said...

Can you tell me if you still have the black Alexander Henry "money losing" fabric, and how much of it you have? I'd be interested in buying it off you, if you have enough of it and are willing to sell it? Please email me at tweekie at gmail dot com.

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