Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm crying on the outside and crying on the inside

Dear family, friends and people I've never met,

How are you? Yes, Monday, the beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Not for me. Do you know what it's like to sit in a pile of poo? Me neither. But close.

I had been struggling to get into the sewing groove and finally I got on a roll. I made a bag other than a zip pouch and drawstringy thing. An actual bag with zippers and handles and pockets. Here it is.

See anything wrong with it?

Now look at the back. Yep, I did the stupidest thing. I cut the fabric upside down for the front. So my cats and houses and ferris-wheels are upside-down. For some reason, I thought the fabric is non-directional. Sidebar: isn't the fabric gorgeous? It's yellow-green which is my weakness. Don't show me any yellow-green fabric because I will buy a bolt of it. The houses are the bonus. It's also a linen-cotton blend. Clearly a winner.

I slaved over this bag. See the front zip pocket? These pockets are a bitch to make. It had an inside patched pocket too. And I experimented. I used bindings to hide the raw edges inside and it worked. I used tiny pleats at the bottom to create some playfulness. Oh god, I want to kick myself in the face.

My plan is to sell it at Vivocity at a big discount with a buyer's beware note. Hope it works. Because I can't look at it anymore.

When my heaving and sobbing finally subsided, (a bag of chips did the trick) I made another crescent bag to make myself feel better. This time I wanted to be 100% sure the fabric is non-directional. I made sure by actually looking at the fabric.

Isn't it gorgeous? It's made of linen-cotton - what else? The print is something abstract by a Japanese artist. The texture of the fabric is rough - but a good kind of rough. You know, luxurious rough.

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Little Blue Mouse said...

After all that hard work! You have my sympathy.
As long as the buyer always carries it back side facing out, it'll be fine.

anna said...

How frustrating after all that work to find the front is the up the wrong way. My solution: the back of the bag is worn to the front with the added advantage of the zip being close to the body for extra security/easier access!

jocelyn teo said...

for a while i thought the second bag looked like a cat somehow. i like the abstract design actually! ♥

Bethany said...

I've done that before, but not to a bag. Ever since then I've checked obsessively for the direction.
If it's any consolation I didn't even notice it and I stared at it for a few minutes. Whoever carries it could simply just put the off side towards the body and no one would see it. That's what I'd do. And I think I'd totally buy it on that premise because that print is sweet!

MiniBinoy said...

infact i luv both the bags..

Yadira said...

I hope no one has the bright idea of telling you that your bags are dirty this time or else, I'll go to Singapore myself and slap them in the face. LOL These are lovely and will sell good despite the direction of the fabric, they're gorgeous.

tamdoll said...

Here you go - you put a tag on the bag describing how much you like the fabric so the upside-down half is for the wearer to be able to look down and enjoy the cute fabric right-side-up. If they want others to see it correctly, they can turn the other side to face out.

Jennifer @ Just A Girl said...

Great bags! And the poster above has a good idea!! :o)

Dee said...

Hi Jane, I am finally stopping by to visit after my long absence. You sure have made some lovely bags recently.
Bummer about the upside down fabric. I too have had that sad experience.

Chris H said...

I think we have all done that at one time or another!
It's still a lovely bag.

antmee said...

I feel your pain! I remember my first piece of fabric ever and it was the most gorgeous shade of green corduroy. I decided to make my new first born a pair of baby pants. I cut one leg upside down unaware of "nap direction" until I finished the pants and learnt a valuable lesson in the most tearful way.

Your bag still looks good!

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