Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hi Honey, I'm home!

Hello friends,

I've been away. Yes, I miss me too. See, I moved into a mall - VivoCity for 8 days to sell my bags and stuff. Yesterday was the last day.

I often read fb/twitter/blog updates of how this person or that person "had a blast". And I may possibly have claimed to have "had a blast" in the past. But my friends, I never really knew what "had a blast" meant till 8 days @VivoCity. For the first time since I started selling in 2009, I can truly say:

I had a blast!

I had such a blast that......
♫ I blacked out a few times. (no worries, it was just for a few nanoseconds)
♫ I went totally deaf a few times. (no worries, it was just for a few nanoseconds)
♫ I lost 2kg!!!
♫ Once I was walking and suddenly I forgot if I was going to VivoCity or going home (it turned out i was just heading for the restroom)

Every fantasy I've ever had as a seller came true. You know the one where your stock flies off the table? And you fear you don't have enough stock? And you try your best to make more and the minute you place it on the table for sale it gets sold immediately? And so you make more and bam! bam! bam! they all get sold?

Yep. All that happened. It was beautiful. It was magical. I will never forget it. I'll always have 8days @VivoCity!

This is what's left of my stock.

I wish all my readers:
♥♥♥ Happy Holidays.♥♥♥

I'll write my post-mortems in a while. Ta ta for now.


Yadira said...

I'm SO happy for you! Did you get to see the Abercrombie guys? LOL I'm happy too, I sold many things yesterday as soon as I finished making them (they were still hot from the iron), I'm happy I took pictures, otherwise I wouldn't even remember them. I'll be sharing that soon. Happy Holidays!

Chris H said...

OH JANE, how wonderful you had a BLAST! I am so happy for you. All your hard work has paid off and you have had such a successful time.
AND MERRY CHRISTMAS, even if you don't celebrate it?
You were right, the top dog was Coco! Teddy is more ugly than her! lol

ByNightCreations said...

That is awesome news, Jane!
all your hard word paid off! fantastic!
happy holidays to you too!

Laurie-Jane said...

Brilliant, you must feel so happy, not only have you had a blast you didn't have much to pack up. Happy Holidays to you too. I had a great Christmas.

Dee said...

Hi Jane, I am thrilled for you that you had ablest at VivoCity and look how little stock yu have left. :)
I guess the cute skulls bag from the Dec 8 posting went to a new home. I laughed out loud when I saw that bag. If by any strange chance it hasn't yet found a home, I would love to get it for my 16 year old; she would think it so cute/funny/cool.

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