Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Serious drawstring bags

Hi friends,

What a weird past few days for Singapore. First we had the haze. Then we had a hailstorm yesterday. It's pretty unusual for Singapore to get any hail from the sky. Today we had another thunderstorm. When it rains... Speaking of the haze, I still haven't managed to buy my N95 masks and the experts have predicted the haze will return.

I have another craft market at VivoCity coming up this weekend and I haven't really been sewing as much as I would have wanted. How could I, rite? What with the haze and all.

I made a few drawstring bags. Unlike the drawstring bags I made in the past, these are serious drawstring bags.

Um, how serious?

At my craft market, from time to time I have spotted women trying to stuff their umbrella into my pouches. No, they're not being funny. They just want to see if their umbrella fits. With that in mind, I made this batch of drawstring bags to fit umbrellas.

See, in Singapore, it rains very often. (except last week) Most women have an umbrella in their bags. I own many umbrellas. Umbrellas don't last very long as most are quite badly made. I have them in different sizes. I prefer the longer ones as the tiny ones barely cover my body. When it comes to buying umbrellas, I've come to realize the cheaper they are, the lousier the quality. Once hubs bought a $2 umbrella and it broke the first time he used it. Of course he had to learn the mistake himself.

This was the first drawstring bag I made. I made the "mistake" of thinking I needed the umbrella to stand in the bag. That is why this bag is a little taller. Of course gravity wins and I sheepishly realize it's a lot easier to make the umbrella lie horizontally. On account of that, this newspaper print drawstring bag fits my smallest umbrella.

This is the second drawstring bag I made. Isn't the print cheerful?

This drawstring bag with the hula hula girls was constrained by the amount of fabric I had. I was really pleased it could fit my largest umbrella.

Here it is hung.

Then I got ambitious. I wanted to get rid of more scraps and quilted up a storm.

This one's the largest. You could use it as a shoulder bag. (if you don't have mansize arms)

This is the other view of the patchwork drawstring bag.

That's all I have. Vivocity here I come!

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Suzee said...

I love seeing what you come up with next.. those bags are great.. my favorite is the next to last quilted one with the orange.. love that!

Patty K said...

They are beautiful.

Projects By Jane said...

Thank you Patty K.
Drawstring pouches and bags always have a place in my heart.

hart44 said...

I love reading your blog and Im loving the bags:)

Chris H said...

Now why on earth have I not thought to put a strap on all the drawstring bags I've made?
How silly of me, now I will have to add them retrospectively.

I love all your darling drawstring bags.

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