Monday, June 10, 2013

The next time the taxi driver says "I blacked out..."

Yesterday I woke up at 5:30am to accompany hubs to his very first National Vertical Marathon. I repeat. 5:30 AM. On a Sunday morning. The next time hubs asks me: "what do you do for me?", I shall remind him I woke up at 5:30am for him. Does your husband frequently ask you what you do for him? Mine does. So it's very important to keep score.

I fear some of you might not know what a vertical marathon. If you live in a village, you'll instantly think, shimmer up a coconut tree? Am I right? I live in Singapore. So a vertical marathon really means a bunch of people running up the stairs. Up 40 storeys. I did not sign up because I have an issue with stairs. Don't like to climb them.

We took a taxi because the trains weren't running yet. We told the driver to take us to Asia Square which was somewhere near Shenton Way. If you're not familiar with Singapore, Shenton Way is a very well-known business district in Singapore. Every taxi driver in Singapore has to know where it is. Except our taxi driver.

He confessed that when he heard us say "Shenton Way", he had a blackout.

Did you hear that? Our taxi driver said he had a blackout and we carried on sitting in his taxi and allowed him to drive us to a destination he had no idea how to get to. Hubs helped him out a little with google maps and the driver also secretly used his phone to look at the map as well. Which was not a good idea because sometimes he did not pay attention to the road and I really feared we would die. We were lucky there wasn't much traffic. Somehow google maps brought us close enough to the building and we were so relieved to flee the taxi. After we got out, two guys got into our taxi and I tried to remember their faces because I wanted to check the newspapers the next day for taxi accident victims.

This is Asia Square. We couldn't get a pic of the whole building because to do so we would have to cross the road (it was raining) and even so we still couldn't capture the entire building. It was huge.

Hubs trying to gauge how high 40 storeys is.

I vote vertical marathon the most boring spectator sport IN THE WORLD. First it's just a bunch of people queuing up for your turn. I mean, you can't all run together.

Then they run up the stairs, WHICH YOU CAN'T SEE.

Ten minutes later, they take the lift down. It's over.


punkychewster said...

Does it take only 10 minutes to run up 40 stories? Interesting! I always thought it would take forever! You all very sporty sporty ah! But how come you didn't take part this time?

Linda said...

Ha Ha! I can just see you "watching" this! It doesn't sound like much of a spectator sport, but good for your hubs for doing it!

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