Saturday, June 15, 2013

I made a doll!

Many years ago, like a hundred years ago when I was still working in an office, I boasted to a few colleagues that I would make a doll during my maternity leave. I was pregnant with my son then. He turned 16 last month.

My then colleagues did not believe that I would be able to make a doll. In fact they laughed about it. What a ridiculous idea.

I had bought 2 books on doll making and to show them how serious I was, I brought them to work. You know, to prove that I wasn't all talk. I had 2 books to teach me.


I ended up having two kids, made clothes for Barbies, made more than a thousand bags. But no dolls. Yes, there were a few softie rabbits made during my MAAD days. I  used to include them in my bags as a freebie. But rabbits aren't dolls.

Anyway, I finally made a doll. A real cloth doll with a head, arms and legs.

Meet Miss Red Riding Hood. Made of fabric and a felt face.

I made it based on this doll. I know I'm not entirely 100% accurate. Let's just say there were a few cutting accidents. I took the liberty of excluding the mouth as my practice mouth looked creepy.

Red Riding Hood is a doll found in this book - We Make Dolls.

Thing is my doll doesn't stand. Not at all. See I have to use the drawer to catch one arm or she would surely slide down. In the book, the doll seems to have the ability to stand and bend the knees. I can't figure out how it's possible.

As expected, Bear is quite hostile to the newcomer. Melly is happy to have a girl doll to play with.

p.s. did you notice that Red stole Bear's scarf because it matched her body and Bear stole Melly's scarf because he felt bare without a scarf.

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Time for some RnR said...

Looks really nice! What's e difficulty level like? I'm like only a beginner in sewing :p

Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said...

That thing is adorable! I want to make one now! You did a great job!

mANdarien said...

That doll is really lovely !

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks! I've always had a thing for Little Red. It's not just me, right?

Jane said...

this is great! love it!

Anonymous said...

Jane this doll is great! Do you think you'll make more? Bring them to the market?

tamdoll said...

grrr. I keep hitting enter. I'm "Anonymous". Sorry about that.

Linda said...

I LOVE making dolls! I raised three sons and they never wanted one, but I made them for myself or just gave them away! Your dolls is adorable!!
(They use a doll stand to make her stand. You can't see it because the rod is behind her.)

Chris H said...

She is a very cute doll. I bet the one in the book does not stand either.

Linda said...

I love making dolls. But having three sons took my excuse away!

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