Friday, June 28, 2013

Sling bags and shoulder bags


It's Friday! I worked really hard this week. Not so much on my bags but on cleaning. We spent some serious money on new beds for the kids and this meant I had to do a lot of cleaning and throwing away of junk. A lot of the stuff went to recycling. My neighbour saw the work-in-progress and asked me if we were moving! We have serious junk! If I were smarter I would have arranged for the beds to arrive after my craft market. But I never ever think ahead. So that meant I had to "sacrifice" a couple of my sewing days. My body was achy breaky afterwards and for one whole day I walked very stiffly. Of course the entire day I thought I would walk that way for the rest of my life. Ha ha ha ha. Why am I like that?

I have 4 more bags to show you. 2 are sling bags, 1 is a adjustable length bag and the last one is a shoulder bag.

Do you prefer shoulder bags or sling bags? I am personally a shoulder bag kind of gal. My everyday bag has to be a shoulder bag. If I am going shopping, the shoulder bag would have to be huge. But I use sling bags as well. It would very much depend on the clothes I'm wearing. Which brings up the next question. Do you try to match your bags to your clothes? I have some customers who would only buy bags which are beigy in colour because they believe they're easier to match.

This bag I did not do much planning but just went with the flow. When it came time to put in the handle, I discovered I have a small amount of pink strap and I thought it really matched the fabric. Some women might hate the pink strap though...

This black and grey diamond print bag is a slightly smaller version of the pink strap one. Originally I wanted it to be a shoulder bag but doesn't it just scream for an adjustable strap?

I had some of these Ikea fabric still unused and you really can't go wrong with this fabric. Very bright and cheerful.

Once I was at Ikea early this year and saw the same fabric plastered on a wall. I feel this fabric needs to come in small doses.

This scooter bag was completed this afternoon. It's a shoulder bag. I tried to give this bag enough room to hold the customer's barang-barang (things).

This weekend I'm off to Vivocity, Singapore to hawk my wares. Hopefully the haze will stay away (what great sunny weather today and what a waste!). Have a good weekend and if you're in Singapore, swing by Vivocity. We're near Traveller World and Sephora, level one.


Suzee said...

I spent all day thursday cleaning and purging out stuff from my house.. it gives you a complete awwww moment when you have it done.. right? or just a omg moment depending how sore you are LOL

I love the shape of those bags! the black and white checker one is my fav! I like to use big bags if they are sling.. but a everyday for me would have to be a handbag or shoulder bag.. I can't have much in them as it weighs down on my bad shoulder.. that scooter fabric is adorable! Good luck at Vivocity!

punkychewster said...

You are right about that fabric coming in small doses. Happy selling at Vivocity! Wishing you lots of sales!!

Chris H said...

I agree about that fabric on the wall... way too loud!
I am going to check out your tutorials ... Bex wants to make a shoulder bag.
I like back-pack type bags the most, then I have both hands free to shop, or hold a baby.
We have babies.... lol!

Ashleigh Tremble said...

I like the black and white diamond pattern sling bag pattern and i want to make it for school but i dont know how to make this design..instructions with pics please?

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