Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bead Crochet Bracelets

Last week I made the mistake of opening a cabinet where I keep my beads and stuff. The sight of all the beads which I had bought on top of the beads I had been gifted really gave me some stress. When I was in the hospital to have my gall bladder removed in August 2016, I did wonder (as you do before a surgery) what would happen to all my craft supplies should I either become a vegetable or die. Would my family throw everything away?

After I survived the gall bladder removal, I did make an effort to house keep my family insurance and important documents. But I did nothing about my craft supplies. It would be silly to write a will for my supplies. Firstly, no one would honour such a will. Secondly, who should I will them to? In the end, common sense prevailed and I decided that I'm happy with "I'll be dead, who cares?"

Still, while I'm alive, it's frustrating to see beads sitting in my cabinet. Which is why I keep that cabinet firmly closed most of the time. As I was sifting through my beads, I saw this little packet of glass beads. I think these are Tiba's beads gifted to me a few years ago. There were a total of 28 glass beads and I told myself I bet I could use them all up in a simple bracelet.

A few years ago, I made some anklets using some beads but I didn't want to use the same method as this time I needed to use all 28 glass beads.

In order to use all 28 beads, I strung the beads in pairs using a combination of single crochets(US) and slip stitch. If you are interested to make something similar, I found a youtube video that does more or less what I did. You're probably wondering why I used blood red yarn on the glass beads. I too question my taste but I found the weirdness very appealing. I got very lucky that the 28 beads were just perfect for a bracelet with the help of a toggle clasp (already in my stash). Woo hoo! I can't believe I used up every single glass beads. (by the way, there are plenty more of Tiba's glass beads in different sizes)

I liked the blood red glass bracelet so much that I made another one. This time I used the purple beads. I've had these beads for decades but I've never been able to use them up. There's no way I could use them up but I thought a purple bead crochet bracelet would be nice. I used size 10 Lizbeth purple iris thread. Isn't it gorgeous? One issue I face with bead crochet is matching thread with bead depends a lot on the size of the bead hole. With some beads, it's impossible to thread a thick yarn like size 10. I managed to get lucky with these purple beads and ordinarily I avoid a matchy-matchy look but in this case, I thought the two purple do go together.

I decided I had the enthusiasm for one more bracelet and this time I chose this packet of larger beads. I'm not sure what they are called. Maybe bicones? I could be wrong. These beads are larger (with larger holes) and heavier as well. I chose a size 3 Lizbeth Ocean teal. (size 3 is thicker than size 10) I love this colour to death!

I only had 14 of these beads which means I couldn't do the twin beads method. So I strung them singly in single crochet (US). This method of stringing the beads does mean the beads tend to twist this way or that way. It's no big deal. If you want to make something similar, you can watch this video.  I was very sad I didn't manage to use up all the beads. There were 3 left.

I used a lobster clasp plus a split ring for closure.

The actual amount of time spent making each bracelet is about 10 min if you are familiar with crochet. You'll probably spend extra time matching beads with the yarn.

I'm exceedingly happy with these 3 bracelets. It didn't make much of a dent in my beads supply but I'll probably live a very long life so I have lots of time. The trick is to stop buying beads. Pinky promise. Please tell me which bracelet you like most.


Bethany said...

I loved the red and glass, but then the monochrome one started to fight with it as my favorite.

Ms Nora said...

The purple one!

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ms Nora, the purple and blood red one - I'm not sure if it's obvious from the pics - are very flexible, not stiff at all. Very nice to wear.


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