Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Linktree Instagram


I think I'm late to the party but recently I went to switch the link to my Instagram profile from my Etsy shop to my blog and I discovered people have been merrily using linktree which allows you multiple links to wherever you want them to go. This is what happens when I stay too long in my cave!

Don't know what I'm talking about? You know how stingy Instagram is about linking to a url? You have just that one link allowed in your profile. That's the one.

Well some people don't need more than one url link like if you have a landing page which you can customize to whatever you want? Or you're a regular gal who instagrams for fun? For me, I occasionally lazily promote my bag patterns or blog posts and what linktree does is perfect for me.
This is my linktree link page. I provide 5 links which in my opinion is too many! I think 3 is a good number. You may know that I'm a bit superstitious about using numbers. During my craft market days, I used to display my goods grouped in odd numbers. So I applied the same (unproven) "logic" in my 5 links. Originally, I only wanted to provide 4 links but 4 is a big no. Not only is 4 an even number, four means "die" in Chinese so that's why I added "Sewing Tutorials" to make 5. Well, that was a bit TMI into my crazy brain.

I'm using linktree's FREE plan which allows you limited changes to the colour and I don't know how many links in total I'm allowed but believe me, less is more. There's a Pro option which gives breakdown of link traffic, scheduled links timed with posts and other customisation.

I think as long as linktree is free and doesn't start to put ads on my links, I'll use it. What are you using?


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