Friday, January 26, 2018

My First Fabric Cuff Bracelet

It started with these 2 squares of fabric. They have been sitting on my sewing table forever. I hate looking at them so much I decided to make something. After all, reducing my fabric stash has always been on my to-do list year after year.

At first I thought I could make a fabric watch. I cut the fabric into 2 lengthwise, one for the top of the "watch" and one for the bottom. A watch needs a face, right? And I have these Shisha mirrors in my art beads stash. Don't ask me how I have a Shisha mirror stash. (I have everything!) I attached the mirror using chevron stitch. Check out this tute here on chevron stitch on a mirror. It wasn't that easy to sew, let me tell you that.

I wonder if you remember my rule of odd numbers which I rigidly adhered to at my craft markets during the old days? Yup. One mirror is not enough. So three it is. You know sometimes having these  "rules" helps a lot because you don't have to do too much thinking.

After I had attached 3 Shisha mirrors, I was totally dried up creatively. It's interesting to develop something creative organically but honestly, having a plan of some sort helps a lot.

I did the next best thing my brain could summon - try to mimic a watch. I sewed scrap yarn on the fabric to represent the strap. So literal, right?

I brought on some bling.

I deeply regretted the choice of the yellow-green fabric because it's hard to see the embroidery stitches. But remember allllllll these started because of the fabric. I returned to my favourite random running stitches because they are minimalist and I didn't want to clutter up the workspace. After all the embroidery was done, I was feeling very uninspired and wanted to chuck this thing into my #projectsbyjane2018 work-in-progress basket. But I soon fished it out and finished it because I don't want to end up with any UFOs in 2018. (pinky promise) It took no more than 15 minutes to add a layer of batting, sew the top to the front, turn right side out, turn out the corners, slip stich the opening and finally sew on the snaps. Whew! Did I say 15 minutes? Maybe more like 20 minutes. In the end, my fabric watch became a fabric cuff bracelet.

It's not the prettiest thing I've ever made. (not the ugliest either!) Looks kinda weird which suits me because I'm kinda weird too. You know that right? So, what do you think? Yay or nay?


Bethany said...

I say yay. Though I'll be honest--at first I was a little hmmmmmm about this. but it turned out cute!

Marissa said...

Definitely YAY! Since I'm scared of my sewing machine, I'm sew impressed (tee hee) with people that can just whip through that part of it. Like...I'm with you until you need to turn, tuck, stitch, back...etc. Love it!

Ely said...

This turned out really cool but you also lost me at the end! What a great idea for a scrap buster.

Ely said...

What will you make next, I wonder...

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Ely. What will I make next? I hope to make something small but quilt like. I shall stare at my textile picture hero Janet Bolton's books and see if I get inspired!

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