Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Broomstick Crochet Lace Bracelets

A couple of days ago, I bravely opened the drawers where I keep my stash of craft supplies. I'm a bit ashamed of these drawers because here's where I "hide" my impulse purchases of something shiny. Do you have such "secret" drawers?

Every now and then, I see something on the internet and I tell myself: I need that! And next thing you know, you've made payment and that darn thing arrives in your mail box. Then months pass. Years. And that thing you so needed continues to sit in your drawer of shame.

End of last year (hey, that was just a few days ago!) I told myself I have got to start learning to use some of my secret craft supplies. I fished out something weird looking and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was. Fortunately the packaging was still intact. The weird thing turns out to be a hairpin lace loom. Do I need a hairpin lace loom? What the hell was I thinking? I blame you - Instagram flash sale! Anyway, I decided to google hairpin lace loom to you know, make something. While going through various links and tutes, I somehow found myself looking at broomstick crochet lace. I don't know how it happened but suddenly broomstick crochet lace became more attractive to me. Plus, I have a couple of broomsticks in my kitchen. So no need to buy additional supply. Win win.

I watched a few youtube videos here and here. The second video comes in 3 parts. Anyway, it turns out you don't need a broomstick. You may use it (and if you do, please send me a pic) but there are other options like a huge knitting needle. The purpose of the broomstick is to form loops. So all you need is a tube like object of appropriate circumference.

For my first try, I used a wooden spatula. I decided I don't need a huge knitting needle. (I saved money!) My crochet needle was 4 or 5mm.

This was my first try. I used single crochet (US). The ends are seamed together like regular crochet.

Fyi, once the loops are formed, you can remove the spatula or whatever you are using. It's a lot easier to work your single crochets or whatever stitch you are using without the spatula in your face. This bracelet took 10 minutes to make. Of course I spent at least an hour watching videos before starting. I used very little yarn. In fact this was leftover from another project and I managed to use it all up. Another win win.

I kinda like the look of the broomstick crochet lace that I made the exact same thing in thinner black yarn with some glitter yarn mixed in. The idea sounded better in my head. I was thinking of making a sparkling crochet lace bracelet for the next time I go to the disco. Unfortunately, the single crochets didn't show up very well.

For the black disco crochet lace bracelet and the teal one I'm showing above, I used a marker pen as my broomstick since the yarn is thinner and I don't want such big loops.

What do you think of the teal broomstick crochet lace bracelet? (Do ignore my wrinkly old hand) I love the teal version. Having learnt from my disco bracelet mistake, I used double crochet(US) for this one. The stitches show up better don't they? In case you're wondering, I used a Lizbeth Ocean Teal Size 3 thread. It's not stretchy (Egyptian cotton) which is why I can't make the bracelet as fitted as I wanted.

I've reserved a book from the library on Broomstick Lace Crochet and when it arrives at my branch library, I'll go through it and see if there's anything else I can make. I would love to make something small and doesn't use up much yarn or time. I know still haven't learnt to use my hairpin lace loom but I'll give it another shot, maybe next week. Hopefully nothing shiny catches my eye again!


Jane McLellan said...

Love your bracelets! I use a ruler instead of a broomstick. I’ve made cowls like that, never thought of making a bracelet.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Jane, I have a fear of wearing lacy stuff round my neck. I imagine one of the holes getting caught on someone's jewellery... A long time ago I had a crochet lace sweater I was very fond of. One day, sweater met stranger's jewellery while we were in a public restroom. You can imagine our distress. My sweater was ruined in order to free stranger's jewellery and she kinda swore a bit.

Bethany said...

I love the black sparkly one (even if you can't see the stitches super clear). I've never tried broomstick lace--I have visions of me knocking over lamps and poking people's eyes out, haha!

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