Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Horrible Pair of Pants

I jumped into making Pants No. 1 beacuse of my current crush on Sonya Philip. Also I did want to make a pair of pants. Nothing too fancy with zipper. So Pants No. 1 with elastic sounded like an easy sew.

After taping the pattern together and cutting out size S, I placed it against my body and thought the pants looked very roomy. But I had neither the inclination nor shall I say, talent to modify the pattern. So I cut my fabric and sewed it up.

I used a Ikea upholstery weight fabric. Not the most brilliant choice but I didn't want to run out and buy more fabric. And what possessed me to buy this fabric in the first place?

This was an easy sew - honestly. It's like sewing a pair of home shorts with longer legs. I think I took a few nights to complete it because I would like tape patterns one night, wash fabric another night, serge and finally sew.

I even bothered to use interfacing for the pocket opening.

Throughout the process, I would place the partly completed pants against my body and shudder. It's going to look horrible, it's going to look horrible, I kept telling myself.

Check out how much care I put into the inside of the pants.

Finally it was completed and it did look horrible. I was very reluctant to wear it.

I had no blouse in my wardrobe that could make the pants look more flattering on me. So I wore my Adidas running tee and white Birkenstock slippers. There is a lot of room around the tummy and hips so the pants made me look FATTER. (my arms are naturally flabby - I won't blame Adidas)

From the back, it's not too bad. Notice the print is upside down? I placed the pattern wrongly but discovered in time. Then I thought the print looked more interesting so I did not correct the mistake. Agree? Disagree?

My mother always does a crotch test when trying out a new pair of pants. She does an Asian squat. Anyway, I decided to do a sit test instead.

I'll be honest with you. I don't think I can wear this pair of pants out or even at home. Nope, not even to sleep because you know Singapore is so hot. Apart from the fabric, I dislike that the pants has to be worn high waisted. I hadn't realised this before but every pair of pants and shorts I own now are low waisted.

So in the end, I felt I wasted my time and energy making this pair of pants because I learnt nothing since I already know how to sew this kind of pants. I really should choose my sewing projects more wisely. Maybe easy sew isn't the way to go.


Anonymous said...

I actually really like these. Maybe they will be more comfortable after the fabric softens up, but that would mean wearing and washing more often!

Anonymous said...

The actual pants are a great design, and they look nice on you...look very comfortable. Perhaps a few alterations and you would be happier with them. I was thinking how my granddaughter would like these, but I would too. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I think they look good. I love the fabric, even upside down. Pair them with a cropped or fitted top and black shoes.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Jenny, I'm considering making another version of the pants - this time maybe lower the waist and use a thinner material. And most importantly, lengthen the pants. I find that I look short if the pants don't reach the floor.

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