Thursday, July 12, 2018

Poofy Drawstring Bag Pattern

Hi guys,

I have a new bag pattern in the shop. But first up, some "admin" news...

I've been selling my digital bag patterns on Etsy for a few years now and all these while I've sold in US dollars. Back in the old days, this was the only option and later when other currencies were available, I did not make the switch. There were some advantages to selling in US dollars then but now it's more like a penalty. Anyway, I've finally decided to switch my Etsy shop to selling in SGD. What does this mean for my customers? If you buy in US dollars, you may see prices like $4.94 when before it was $5. If you buy in other currencies, like Euro, pound, Aussie $, NZ $, Canadian $ etc, you would already be used to the system. When changing the selling price of my patterns to SGD, I consciously aimed to price it lower than the current price. So as of now, all my bag patterns are priced lower than before. However, and this is not within my control, over time due to small changes in exchange rate, the price you see in US dollars may go up or down by a few cents. Also, I took the opportunity to price down permanently a few bag patterns - Easy Clutch, Sexy Zippy Wristlet and One Ring Wonder. So good news really - cheaper patterns!

If you prefer to buy my patterns from my blog, I've also changed the pricing to SGD. As for Craftsy, it is still in US $ as it only supports one currency...  Okay, enough "admin" news for today.

So I have a new bag pattern in the shop, very good for beginners.  No zippers, magnetic snaps, just drawstring for closure. It's another favourite from my craft market days. I love this one so much. I made a couple of tester versions and I've been using one of them daily since June.

 I think you know I love big fat bottoms.

I turned the bag with the lining out so you can see the inside. Oh pockets - one slot for your handphone and the other slot? Neve insisted it is perfect for her. (Neve is naked, can you tell?)

The Town Council erected a few bicycle parking stands below my flat. I noticed that all the bicycles are covered in dust as if no one uses them. It has become a bicycle graveyard. Anyway, they're great for modelling my bags.

Oh I almost forgot, I've applied a 30% discount off the Poofy Drawstring Bag Pattern at my Etsy shop. Valid till 22nd July 2018. You don't need a coupon code. The discount is applied automatically. I have similarly applied the same discount on the same pattern at Craftsy and on my blog. So you don't have to think too much where to buy the pattern.

To buy off my blog, click on the Buy Now button below. First time buyer from my blog please read my faq. Ecommerce provided by payhip. Hooyah!


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