Sunday, July 1, 2018

What June Made

Hi guys,

June went by so quickly! I felt quite lazy throughout the month but managed to make a few items between all the time sucking activities I'm so into these days - Candy Crush Soda, Love Island and Korean dramas. Every time I say I'm getting out, I get sucked back in.

So here at my June makes...

I worked on a new bag pattern. It's mostly done but the rainy weather these past 2 weeks has made it hard to do a couple more photos.

I sewed a dress for Lammily and I was telling my girl that I might sell this pattern and she said: who will buy it? Yes, I suppose it's a niche market and I honestly don't know if anyone will buy a Lammily dress pattern but I already have the template done on Illustrator so all I need is a few photos. I made the pattern in 2015!

I sewed 3 items for myself - Shirt No. 1, another Shirt No. 1 and a pair of pants. I haven't photographed the last 2 items because of the rain so I'll probably show them next week.

I also started on a simple skirt for myself and poor me - I had to draft the pattern myself because I couldn't find any basic skirts patterns at Spotlight. I absolutely dislike drafting clothes patterns for myself because you have to use large pieces of paper and my table is not nearly long enough.

I baked quite a bit, mostly loaf bread and a few others. Of course I promptly gained weight!

Speaking of weight, our fitness sessions with Mindy at Fitness Bravo ended. Although the sessions were hard and I hurt all over after each session, I really enjoyed my 1 hour's labour. We didn't sign up for another package because my daughter is starting University in August so we can't spend money like water anymore.

We did a weigh in at the end. Here's me waiting to hear the good/bad news. Very happy to report I lost a bit of weight - around 4kg, I think.
Hubs and I have continued to exercise at home. Of course we don't do it as intensively! My swimming came to a halt the last 2 weeks due to a sinus problem and then the rain. My running is truly over. My left leg can't seem to take running anymore. I'm resting it some more and only doing some light leg exercises.

In July I hope to make a proper pair of pants with a zip fly and a dress. I bought 2 bra patterns but I'm feeling apprehensive about making them as I've never sewn bras before. We'll see.


Ely said...

Next year I will attempt bras. I have watched online classes and looked at patterns, but haven’t made the leap as yet. I feel nervous as well for some reason. Like they seem simple to make but at the same time not.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ely, I bought 2 Simplicity bra patterns by Madalynne and the only reason I bought them was because the model on the cover was incredibly flat chested - like me and I thought here's a pattern designer who understands my problem!

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