Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What July Made

Wow, just like that July has come to an end. It was hot and sweaty for me in Singapore. I sewed very little, tinkered a lot with bag patterns, baked a bit, revived my sourdough and gave up on it. My exercise was quite pathetic. I still go for my weekly swim. But my left leg is still not good so I can't really run. I've mostly done upper body exercises. My weight remained stable - meaning I didn't lose any more weight. I don't eat much so it's quite puzzling. Oh, right. I just remembered I eat a lot of bread.

So my July makes...

Technically these 3 items were sewn in June but I only got round to posting them in July. A Very Basic Skirt which I'm going to modify to make something for my daughter - if she's willing. Pants No. 1 which received a lot of views!!! I may tweak the pattern to make it fit me better. And lastly Shirt No. 1 with buttons.

And I published one bag pattern. Available on Etsy, Craftsy and my blog.

I also made another drawstring bag using the Poofy Drawstring Bag pattern. This one someone wanted to buy from me but I love the fabric so much I couldn't bear to part with it. My priorities are screwed!

At the moment I'm sitting on another bag pattern which I'm unsure if I want to work further on. I usually don't like to write patterns that require very specific hardware and this one requires continuous zippers. So that's what I've been deliberating on... Perhaps I overthink. I mean why not do it anyway, after all I've already done the technical drawing.

My bread baking is going quite well. I became quite obsessed with shaping. In August I intend to investigate and experiment with 100% wholemeal bread, Japanese style bread and more complex shapes.

Today I sewed something rather unusual(for me). I'll show it to you in my next post. See you in August.


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