Monday, March 22, 2010

Burnout Bags

Arrrgh! One week has passed and I have very little to show. You could say I am suffering from burnout? Or what's the term for when you try to do a lot but accomplish very little?

Last week was school holidays but my son's school didn't understand what it meant. He had to go back to school for 3 days of volley ball practice. Which meant my plan to sleep in was shattered. Also I usually schedule medical appointments during school holidays and that's where most of my time went - sitting in waiting rooms and travelling on the train. I had to go see my gynae for a simple procedure. For most women or rather every woman except moi, such a procedure is a breeze. 5 mins max. For me, I went 2 times. The second time I was sedated! Which means I had to fast. It took 2 hours - most of it spent sleeping off the sedation. I need to explain that I have a very low threshold of pain. Not just actual pain. It includes imagined pain, pre-judged pain and pain from a previous life. (I don't actually believe in previous lives, I'm just saying)

I did manage to complete 2 bags. Quite a feat considering. I made pleated bags again. Yes, I'm basically making the same old bags but making small changes. It's been thunderstorming like crazy in Singapore so taking photos is a challenge.

In line with my No Fabric Left Behind policy, I used the brown canvas. I realise that some prints just shouldn't be pleated! The bottom is darted again.

This peachy pleated bag looks flirty, I think. I imagine this colour would be difficult to sell! For the "hanging" pocket, I used bias binding to seal the side seams. The outer fabric is a upholstery weight cotton by Lecien.

April MAAD countdown. 7 out of 15. 8 more bags to make with only 10 days left. TEN days left!

Finally, this blog had the misfortune of being spammed last week. Luckily for me, it was school holidays so I was up late and I was just horrified when I saw that a spam comment was being inserted into my posts. Previously, it was quite random and I would go in and delete the comment. This time it was more vicious. It was trying to comment in every single post in my blog. (I have over 100!) When I caught it, it had commented in more than 20 posts. I quickly changed my comments setting to comment moderation and that did the trick. It seemed this program which originated from Taipei, Taiwan was able to bypass word verification. Anyway, I have deleted the spam comments. Just so you know, the comments were in Chinese. Those of you who have commented in my blog recently would have noticed that now your comments will only be visible after approval. (i only reject spam) This is the best solution for me in order to ensure my blog is not spammed again. I hope everyone will understand. And by the way, thank you guys for the comments. I know it takes effort and I appreciate it.

Take care.


Dee said...

love your no fabric left behind policy - i gotta borrow that one and see if i can apply it in my cupboard. two
more done... you know sleep is over-rated.
i have been spammed a couple of times, in chinese eeach time. thankfully each was a single episode and i was able to delete it. i hope it remains that way.

Ziru said...

8 more bags to go! Jiayou!!! =DDD

tamdoll said...

I like that, too "No Fabric Left Behind". Pretty funny - your posts always make me smile!
Well, I hope you're ok - I know how those school vacations go - they're rarely "vacations" anymore! -especially as my girls get older.

I think that pink bag looks great.

Dee said...

I was thinking but feeling burned out on a favourite activity. That is usually a sign that you need a break. Are you able to let yourself take a short creative break and do something different while you allow your bag-love to come back in all its baggy glory?
may i suggest picking up your needle for a little smocking - yes tongue firmly in cheek for last comment ;) but taking a creative break is a serious suggestion.

Chris H said...

I love the pink bag!
Comments.. yep I use comment moderation too. That way no spam or nasty comments get on my blog. Its a good thing to use.

Natasha Korff said...

funky bag!! i also have the same problem when the weather is bad, but i saw a tutorial on making your own lightbox. it looks like it works like a charm. hope this helps you out!!

Natasha Korff said...

i sent you a mail. but not from my personal mial. rather reply to my blog if you need to. thanks. i'm thinking of building myself one.

YUN ZHEN! said...

The pink bag is very cute! I hope it find itself a nice home! The school hols was horrible for me too. Had to go back to camp and had no time to finish homework >.<

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Loving the no fabric left behind policy its something every sewist should consider doing..

Great bags my favorite is the pink one

I do hope that you will be able to find time to sew the baby booties for Sew have been waiting for it for so long

antmee said...

Yep burnout is the word! lol You still made two great bags so you still beat me in the "accomplishment" challenge. I have achieved nothing!

I think your peach bag will sell quickly because it just looks so "cool"!

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