Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Granny Bags

I've made 2 granny bags.
This is the first one - a blue and white checked granny bag. I used heavy weight iron-on interface. It gives very good support but I don't like it so "stiff".

 I really prefer sew-on interface but it's hard to find the heavy weight kind.
This is the second one. It is for Kimmy. It is her second bag from me!  Kimmy's bag has a slightly different shape from the checked granny bag. It has medium weight interface which feels more like fabric. I really prefer this feel. I also included piping around the bottom gusset. My girl likes this bag. I'm getting to like piping on bags.
Other side of the bag.
Can you see the piping?
View from the top.

April MAAD countdown. 12 out of 15 bags constructed. 3 more bags to go. Can I do it? I'm really sleepy and tired. We'll see.


tamdoll said...

Both bags are stunning, love the black & white one. But why are they called "granny" bags?

Ziru said...

You can do it! *hugs* =D

Mandy said...

I love both bags but since I always whine about you not putting interfacing in your bags, I have to declare that the checked one is my favorite. Is it blue or black checks?

jane p said...

Mandy, it's blue and white checks.
Tammy, I don't know the origin of the "granny" bit. I could be wrong about the name! But I can picture a hot granny carry such bags.

marym said...

Hi Jane! Both bags are lovely! Are those pockets(!) on the narrow sides of the black-n-white one?

jane p said...

Hi Marym, there are no pockets on the outside of the black and white one.

Dee said...

jane your bag making skills are developing into something incredible. your bags keep getting better and batter - and that is saying somehting as they were already pretty amazing! I LOVE that second blackand white bag! the patter is incredible, the piping is hot and it just looks sooooo good. the only way to improve it woud be to have pockets on the ends where the seams are.

jane p said...

Dee, i accept all your compliments with a big smile. You know, I do feel I've reached a new level in my bag making! Will definitely take note of the pockets!

antmee said...

I have to agree with Dee! Your bags are reaching new heights in style! You are an inspiration!

You can do it with the "15 bags" goal.

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