Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabric Passport Cover For Jennifer

Remember my OWOH giveaway? The winner was Jennifer and this is what I sent her. She liked purple and she's an angel. I used my usual running stitches to "decorate" the fabric. I don't think I'll ever get tired of running stitches!
 I sent her a piece of fabric too but I forgot to photograph it!
It started with scraps of fabric.
Front - Inside
Back - Inside
Ready for the world!

I made another bag! I'm just spitting them out now. This time I wanted to make a baby version of my pleated bags. I guess I didn't spend any thinking on whether a baby version would sell. I'm a little worried.

The band is linen-cotton. I applied iron-on-interface to the band even tho' I'm anti-iron-on-interface. Linen-cotton doesn't stand well on its own. It's so limpy. The dark green is twill. I bought a batch of twill from a fabric shop which supplies to tailors. So everything in the shop is man-man. I'm very attracted to manly fabric! I like this green a lot. It has some hint of yellow in it. Twill is a fabulous fabric to work with. It's so obedient and the right thickness for certain style of bags. I like shopping in this man-man shop because the couple running it is really nice and they give discount if I buy a little more. But what a show you have to put on to get a good discount. Back and forth and so on. The discount stays when you go back so you don't have to put on an oscar worthy act again.
This is the inside. The green is brownish green. I'm poor at describing colours. I like this other green too but can you just imagine describing this colour to a sales person? So I have a sample book where I tape the colours I like when I go fabric shopping. The fabric is duck. Duck is a stubborn fabric. It frays a lot too. It's easy enough to sew on but it crinkles easily. Duck is also heavy so you can't use too much of it on a bag. Check out the handles. Know what's in between the fabric? Twill tape. That's how I get the handles so sturdy. If I can get twill tape in different width other than the 1" here, I'll put it in all my handles.

April MAAD countdown. 9 out of 15 bags completed. 6 more bags to make in 6 days! You know the worse part? I'm "saving" the harder to construct bags for the last. This is a condition known as "putting it off".

Fearlessly sewing on,
Jane P out.


Mandy said...

I think you are more efficient than I am. I haven't got a single piece of my flower accessories out. btw, why are you anti interfacing? I like form and shape.

jane p said...

Mandy, I'm anti iron on interfacing because it destroys my iron. Also, I really prefer the softness of fabric. I'm also nervous about the effect of the washing machine on a bag with iron on interfacing. That's why. :)

Chris H said...

The passport cover is really nice.
And the bags. I love all the different colour combinations you use.

antmee said...

So talented! I think the small bags will sell as they look so lovely.

Keep up the marathon effort! You can do it!

*cheer squad*

Dee said...

that passport cover is sooooo cute! you are doing well with your one-woman bag production line.

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