Sunday, March 28, 2010

Piped Bag

Remember my Evolution Of A Bag?  This is the next generation.

For this bag, I wanted to address the issue of bottoms. I wanted to make the bag bottoms firmer? I did this with the help of a band.
The band (the red curvy part) is sewn onto the front and back of the bag. The band makes the bottom heavier so I added piping to the side gusset. Yes, piping! I've used piping on bags before and it can be a lot of work.

I used Ikea fabric because the fabric is like a painting. This is one side.
This is the other side.
Side gusset with piping.
Other side gusset with piping.
April MAAD countdown. 10 out of 15 bags constructed! 5 left. Hope I can finish by Thursday or I'll be burning midnight oil once again on Friday.


YUN ZHEN! said...

The bag looks fantastically great! :D

Chris H said...

That is a really gorgeous bag... love the piping.

Dee said...

Jane i think this bag is my new favourite! I love it. love the colours, the red and blue, the story, the piping. this one will runout the door at MAAD.

Ziru said...

This bag is nice!!! =DDD Like the landscape silhouette effect!!! =DDD 10 out of 15 already? 5 more! Go go go!!! =DDD

Blu said...

It's gorgeous! The colours are lovely!

Busy Bee said...


antmee said...

I love this bag! And wishing I lived somewhere near you so I could buy this bag at your market stall.

tamdoll said...

I like seeing the piping - I think the hard work is worth it.

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