Monday, March 8, 2010

March MAAD 2010 Post-mortem

So I survived another MAAD weekend of selling bags. Oh man, it was so physically draining. I think I made it worse by sleeping very late on Friday night due to my sudden urge to sew ONE LAST BAG. I'll show you the bag later.

MAAD hours are from 11am to 7pm. On Saturday I have to wake up early at 7am in order to reach red dot by 9am to secure a good table. It's first come first served. I have this constant fear that I'll wake up late and end up with the "dead zone" spots.

Next comes the difficult part. The set-up. I'm not good at displaying my bags so I just do whatever works for me. I know I can do better. Despite the long hours and so-called hardship, I enjoyed myself tremendously. It's probably due to the good company I have at MAAD.  There's Sally who's been my "neighbour" on my right twice in a row. Then there's Vivien who's on my left twice in a row. Of course there's Mandy but she's INSIDE the museum while I'm on the red floor area which is not air-conditioned.

I remembered February MAAD was quite bad in terms of traffic so I was seriously annoyed when I saw that the concert area was not booked on Sunday. When you sell your stuff at a location, you depend so much on human traffic and red dot design museum is located at a business district area where it's dead on weekends due to 5-day work week. So having events is so crucial to bringing in the crowd.

Nope, no crowd once again. Quite a number of people who showed up told me they had no idea MAAD was on. I'm losing my confidence!

So how many bags did I sell? I was aiming for 10 but I only sold 8. It's a small improvement from last month. Still...

Weng and Jon, whom Mandy nicknamed my "two hunks" came by to visit me. I think... I forgot to do a photoshoot of three of us.

Anyway, Jon took some photos of my bags with my camera. I think he has a really good eye.

 I have to start using my dumb bells more often! Look at my arms. This was the bag I was sewing on Friday night. I sold it!

This is a handphone pouch I made using raw cambodian silk with my favourite running stitches. It went to Jon. Thanks, buddy. I wished I had taken measurements of his iphone before I made it tho'. It's a little too small for iphone.
 This is Tiba. She'd bought a batik bag from me before and came back for more! Ooh, I wish I have more customers like Tiba. This is a checked zip tote I specially made for her. You know what? Yesterday, she also bought a bag which I made a while ago but somehow couldn't find a owner.
Remember my gibbon tote? It went to Tiba! One of the craft sellers had noticed my "monkey bag" on the "Never Sold" shelf month after month. Later when I went to tell her the bag was sold, she said, "You finally got the monkey off your back!" Anyway, I'm really glad my Gibbon tote went to Tiba because she said she liked the "movement" of the gibbon. No one ever commented on the "movement" before. No one ever noticed, I'll bet. Yes, dear Internet readers, this applique was all about the "movement".  Tiba, you kill me with your gibbon movement noticing eyes, you. You made my day!

 This nautical striped bag did not sell. I think the pocket killed the bag!

These two linen slouchy bags didn't sell either. People tell me they're too long. I should stop using my freakishly long torso as a guide!!

Lastly, I'd like to tell you guys that next April would be 1 year since I started selling my bags. Remember my debut in April last year at MAAD?  To mark my 1 year anniversary I'm planning on making lots more stuff for April MAAD (3rd to 4th April). Yes, pulling out my big guns, cannons, once again. I aim to produce at least 15 new items by  1st April. (No more last minute sewing for me.)

Till we meet again.
Jane out.


Chris H said...

I liked all your bags!
How neat that you sold 8!

My scales get stepped on every day! I can't help myself! Some days I get on them more than once~! I know I shouldn't! But it's just my nasty habit. sorry it's driving you nuts! lol

I better get back to my cupcakes... sewing NOT baking!

Ziru said...

Make 15 bags? Okie! I'll make 30 stuffs then haha! said...

Wow! All of those are AMAZING! :)

Will you email me your address again?? (sadielankford(at)ymail(dot)com) Your doll's tutu is done!

And is chewing gum really banned where you're from? lol Sorry if that was a dumb question!

Congrats on the sales!


Dee said...

I LOVE the silk phone pouch and think all your bags are fabo. the new red bag was worth the late night and the other red one looks good too.
It is rather poor of the museum to charge for the stall space and then not have a show on to coincide with the market, since that is the main draw for 'fresh' customers.

CTStudios said...

Although 10 bags would have been wonderful, 8 bags certainly isn't bad; particularly when the traffic was slow.

I recently heard on a morning show that large bags were on there way out and small bags would soon be the rage. I don't know if that was just US or worldwide ... but I've certainly not seen any reduction of ladies walking around with big bags.

antmee said...

I think selling 8 bags = success! All your bags are great even though I do agree with your feedback on the red stripey bag. the pocket might be a tad too much. Can you take it off and add a different pocket? Because the bag overall shows a lot of potential to be a stunner. Good luck with 15 bags to sew by April.

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