Saturday, March 27, 2010

Etsybloggers March 26th Blog Carnival

Once a month I write about something totally unrelated to my life as a contribution to Etsyblogger's Blog Carnival. This is it for March.

How it works is someone (usually not me) would volunteer to host the carnival and take care of the admin work. She would also have to think up 2 questions for the Etsybloggers to answer in their posts.

March 26th carnival is hosted Lazy T Crochet.

Here are her questions:
1) Cabin Fever - What do you do or what are you looking forward to doing to escape the doldrums?
2) Planning a garden this year? Tell us how you plan or prepare. Do you start your own seeds and how?

As you can see, the questions being asked are very tough. Harder than Additional Mathematics. Still I'm going to attempt a post on the topic.

I'm answering question 1. Here goes....

This year I'm not planning a garden because first of all I live in a flat and there's nothing but concrete. Sure, I could buy a few potted plants but have you met the mosquitoes policemen? If they know you have potted plants, they'll insist on entering your home to check for mosquito larvae. They'll spray smelly stuff all over your home. So I'm saying No to potted plants.

Also, many years ago when I first moved into my current home, I'd bought 2 potted cactus to "grow". I'd been told that it's impossible to kill cactus and I was very confident I would grow green thumbs. Anyway, the cactus died because I over watered them. Technically, they drowned.

So, to avoid killing anymore plants, I'll stick to my plan of Forever Never Growing A Garden.
This is my concrete garden. It is near my flat yet not so close I can kill it. In the photo, my girl tried to crush some bubbles with her feet.


antmee said...

I nearly laughed at the idea of having "mosquito police" until I remembered reading a article in the newspaper about getting everyone to check for water lying around on their properties. We were having a mozzie epidemic and the authorities wanted to restrict mozzie breeding grounds. The article stated that inspectors would be visiting properties to check that there was no water left lying around! I guess they would be called "Puddle Police"?

Eli said...

Hello, nice to meet you. Thanks for joining my give away! To participate in the drawing you should link my post to your blog. Thank you. The draw will take place next Monday. I wish you good luck and good weekend.

Mandy said...

At the height of dengue fever, the mossie inspector came into my house once to check. But the sight of underwear (they were washed and drying) hanging all over the house scared him and his partner. It was the rainy season then, where else could I hang them?

Dee said...

We sure need some mosquitoe police around our parts at the moment, but i think we may fail as i keep finding little reserviors of waters which i promptly empty. leaves me wondering how many other people don't bother to check?
thanks for sharing, i always learn so much from your posts.

tamdoll said...

Wow, never heard of mosquito police. But I think there are places south of me where lakes and swamps are sprayed to kill them.

You could always draw flowers on the concrete with chalk, that would be fun to look at in the summer.

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