Friday, April 2, 2010

Houndstooth Tweed Pleated Shoulder Bag

This is the last bag I made for April MAAD. I used tweed and it has a pattern called houndstooth on it. The houndstooth checks is in black and I used black sewing thread and after sewing on it for a while, you feel like you are going blind!

The tweed is a very attractive brown and I really like black on brown. I used stiff interface on the bands because I think some stiffness on bands is a good thing.
View from the top.
I'm on a piping roll.

April MAAD countdown. 13 out of 15 bags constructed. I'm 2 bags short. No excuses. I won't be sewing today because I've learnt my lesson and I'll observe a No-sewing day so I'll have energy for this weekend. It was really exciting sewing to a countdown. Thanks to everyone for cheering me on. See you at MAAD this weekend.

3rd to 4th April
11:10am to 7pm
28 maxwell rd
red dot design museum


Dee said...

that is one smart looking bag! all the best for MAAD and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Chris H said...

The piping is very nice. I like doing piping too, but havn't done much of it.

GlacierPolar515 said...

Good Luck for your MAAD!:)

jane p said...

Thanks guys!

antmee said...

I hope you are doing well at your MAAD weekend market.

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