Monday, April 19, 2010

Camera Bag For Viv

So I've handed over the camera bag to Viv and now I can show you pics. Yippee. This is my first camera bag. Of course you know that when you ask me to make a camera bag, you run the chance of me making something completely not like the camera bags sold at stores!

The camera bag is really a drawstring canvas bag with a rectangular bottom. It is interfaced with medium weight batting and I wanted to take care of Viv's expensive camera, so I added an extra cushion of seriously thick batting for the base. Do you recognise the fabric? Mandy gave it to me last September.
The camera bag matches the boots!

I made this bag a cross body bag because when Viv goes photo shooting, it won't hamper her. You get what I mean. Also, this girl is very tall. 1.75m. Way taller than me. So I wasn't worried about using my freakishly long torso as a guide to construct the handle.
Last detail. I used red Sashiko thread to sew little crosses on each "target".  I'm currently working on black bag. It has skulls and bones. Sounds familiar? See you in my next post.


Chris H said...

It is gorgeous! Love the fabric you used, so bright and cheerful. AND it won't get lost in a hurry.

tamdoll said...

Nice bag!! I love the fabric and the little crosses in the center are kind of like when you focus on a camera, too.

Another great bag of yours, I love them all.

antmee said...

It's another great bag you have made! I love the style of bag you have made for her camera and the fabric finishes it off just right.

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