Thursday, April 29, 2010

Houndstooth Crossbody Bag

It rained horribly today so I had to take my photos indoor. This is my houndstooth crossbody bag. Or rather I should call it the I Wanted To See For Myself Bag.

You see, I wanted to make a bag using my houndstooth fabric. And I could have made it in a dozen other designs. But I wanted it to be a crossbody bag design. Not a small one. But a mother earth shattering one. Okay, I exaggerate. It's not that huge but this fabric is not thick enough to support such a structure. I knew that but I Wanted To See For Myself.

When I was little but old enough for primary school, my socks were wet and I knew I cannot iron socks but I Wanted To See For Myself. Guess who spent the whole day scraping burnt fiber from a blackened iron?

As you can see, I haven't changed much since primary school. Geez. I was a really dumb kid.

So, the bag is made and yes, I saw for myself the houndstooth tweed is indeed not suitable for such a bag. Well, good. Now I know. The handle is wrong too. I had gone out looking for a wider nylon handle last week but it seems I could not find any. This one's only 1".
Still I don't think the result is that bad. I mean it looks pretty decent.
 There might be some floppiness but some people go for that.
The two black patches are velcro.

This is only the 5th bag out of 6 I said I'll make for this weekend's MAAD. I can't believe I didn't meet my target again.

I'm looking forward to this weekend's MAAD. I shall keep the faith. See you Monday.


Mette said...

I think it looks really nice!

I've wanted to ask you where you by your metal "tools" for your bags? Like the metal things (sorry, I don't know what they're called in English) you used for adjusting this nylon handle. I can't seem to find anyone selling those...

jane p said...

Mette, they're called tri-glide or slide adjuster. I get mine from a craft supplies store in Singapore. Btw, I'll be doing a small tute on drawing up a bag bottom soon!

Tiba said...

You will have no problems selling this one...its really well made. Good Luck and Happy selling tiba

jane p said...

Tiba! Nice to see you here. Thank you. Anyway, the bag does look good on me so I can always gift it to myself. Hehe

Dee said...

have you checked how good itt looks in the blogger viewer? check it out. it may be soft, but it looks very attractive and would mould well. what is the bag selling equivalent of "break a leg"? go well and sell much? all the best fo hte weekend.

antmee said...

This hounds tooth bag is great! You seem to know just the right type of pattern to use to get the best out of any fabric.

jane p said...

Thank you, Dee and Kylie. Dee, in Singapore Chinese culture, this expression works for any occasion that involves success/wealth/prosperity. It's HUAT AH! (rhymes with "What"). Say it loudly.

Bucky1934 said...

Jane, I like this bag. Is this the one you are working on for an e-pattern? Hope so. Mark me down for a sale if it is. Bucky

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