Monday, May 3, 2010

May MAAD 2010 Post-Mortem

The good thing about long weekends when MAAD is on is I get to sleep in on Monday as there's no school. The bag thing? Nobody shows up! Okay, I exaggerate. A handful of people showed up. Some were lost. Some came to use the rest room. A few actually came to buy!

I'm grateful I sold anything. I sold a total of 5 bags and 4 pouches.

My first customer, Vicky. She's from Korea and 4 pouches went to her. Check out her cheek bones! Koreans are very attractive people.
This is Diann. She's posing with my pleated canvas bag. I think she likes my bags because she bought 3!
This Lecien polka dot linen tote with pink lining also went to her.
And my linen cross-body bag which debut in March MAAD was also bought by Diann. Hmm, all I need for June MAAD is three of Diann and I'm all set. Anyone?
Guess who bought my Blue, White and Blue-Grey Duffle bag? I tried to chase her off with a stick but she was tougher than me and wrestled me to the ground. Mandy is officially my No. 1 customer.
My gingham denim cross body bag went to a very sweet German speaking lady. I was so attracted by the language and could not help asking and totally forgot to ask for a photo.

My two hunks came to visit. And Weng bought me hot lunch. What a guy.
Weng brought his family. This is Mrs T. Recognise the bag she's carrying? Weng had bought it from me in March. I'd secretly thought I'd gotten a slice of the male market. It has always been a dream for me to be able to make bags that men would carry. So when Weng bought the bag, I thought "Wow. I did it." Of course now I realise I was just fooling myself. I have no freaking idea what men want. What do men want? (for a bag) Any bag carrying male readers out there? Anyone?

I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who bought from me. Those who came by to say "hi", I'm really happy you came. It's always nice to have people to talk to.  And Weng and family and Jon, thanks for the visit.

Lastly to my pals at MAAD, thanks for keeping me company and buying tea. I'm happy to report next MAAD does not fall on a long weekend. Woo hoo!


Dee said...

Oh Jane, you have such a great sense of humour - even when sales aren't quite what was hoped. Your bags are tops, they sellthemselves.

Anonymous said...

Your bags are fun!!! I especially like the blue, white, and blue/grey duffle.
Have a great day :D

antmee said...

You sound like you have a lot of fun at MAAD even if you don't sell all of your bags!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

congratulations !

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