Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tote Bag

The sun was setting when I took this photo of my latest bag - a striped tote with green-yellow handles and do I see a glimpse of purple?
You did. My 3rd bag for June MAAD. 12 more sewing days left.

Btw, I've modified my How To Draw A Bag Bottom Pattern tute. After I read a comment by Lesley, a former lurker, (thanks Lesley!) I realised I needed to make my tute simpler. So I did. I wrote a Easy Method and a Hard Method. I'm guessing most people would go for the Easy Method. This process has made me think hard about what I want to achieve with my tutes. And I'm happy to announce that as soon as I'm free, I'll do a Super Easy Method - How To Draw A Bag Bottom Pattern. I promise there will be no formula involved.

Till we meet again, sweet dreams.


tamdoll said...

I like this bag & the lining is sweet. Saw your tutorial, too... no wonder you're a professional at this!!! It is hard work to make precise bags where everything fits together nicely, your tutorial shows how it's done & why I'm constantly ripping out seams to make mine work.

antmee said...

I love the green and purple colour combination. These shades really work well together to make another nice tote.

I read your tute on bag bottoms and thought it was great. Don't mind you making it even easier though as it means less thinking for me! lol

Anonymous said...

That's a really great bag! And you even lined up the stripes on the bottom/sides. Very nice. I bet it sells FAST.

Jennifer / ChowzCreations

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