Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Dear Sotong

A short while ago, my husband was very excited when he was chosen (arrowed) to be a "dear abby" for 8 weeks. Okay, I lied. Excited is not how I would describe my husband's demeanor. Hmm, let's just say "he droned about being a dear abby". My dear hubs is very laid-back and looks sleepy to people who don't live with him. I honestly think he looks rather alert. He writes a weekly column called "Act Blur". What else? For my dear readers from far away lands, here's an explanation of act blur.

The one who was excited was me. Why? Because I had the perfect name for him. Dear Sotong! For my dear readers from far away lands, here's an explanation of blur and sotong.

Dear Sotong partners Dear Goondu who is actually Sylvia Toh. I've featured Sylvia before. Anyhoo, my hubs tells his side of the story here.

If you have access to the New Paper on Sunday (this should exclude 99% of my readers!) and wants to post a question, please email to the address in the image. For a limited period only.

Good Nite!


Chris H said...

Well done Mr Jane! You must be very proud of yourself for becoming a 'Dear Abby'.

Dee said...

oh so funny. ta for the explanations - gave me quite a chuckle.

antmee said...

Had a good chuckle reading the links too!

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