Friday, May 14, 2010

If Something's Too Good To Be True, It Is!

Last Saturday, I attended a talk "Conquer Computer Addiction. Rebuild Relationships & Dialogue." at my son's school. It was free. It was long - from 9:00 am to 12:30pm. But it was free and school holidays are coming and I can imagine my kids glued to the computer thru'out. So my son and I sacrificed our only "sleep in" day and we went to his school. It was free. So as usual, there was a lot of BS. But there was free food - pretty good spread. So the BS was a lot easier to take. Plus the talker was quite entertaining. He asked for my blog name but I forgot to give it to him. Take goodness as here I am talking about him. The talker kept on and on about Why kids are addicted. Seriously, on and on. But nothing on how to fix the addiction. Finally, at the end of 3.5 hours of serious butt pain, he whipped out a little book which he's OFFERING to us at $15. (He says the school gave him permission to do this.) This $15 book will give us the HOWs to kick computer addiction. I'm serious. The 3.5 hours talk was nothing but a disguised Sales Pitch. I flipped through the $15 book and tried to speed read but the words were too small. So I gave up and decided I wasn't going to fork over $15 for more of the same BS. After the talk, we were asked to stay back for 1/2 hour to listen to the vice-principal's talk. My "school's gonna ask for donation" radar was on High-Alert so my son and I sprinted for the exit. And no more attending Free talks.

This week I lost my sewing mojo. I had a few items lined up but I just couldn't get it together. You ever have one of those weeks when no matter how you want to, you can't sew a darn thing? My right thumb was also acting up as I'd hurt it during last MAAD. You know you can't cut with a pair of scissors without a good thumb? I didn't know that! To get out of my funk, I took an advice I once gave someone else. I made something other than bags. I made a few brooches as it's possible to use a tiny scissors to cut felt without hurting the thumb. After 5 brooches, I felt my sewing mojo coming back. Yep, last night. Right before it was time to sleep. So I stayed up a while and worked on my Recessed Zipper Shoulder Bag for my mom's friend.

First of all, you do know I have written a tutorial for a Recessed Zipper Shoulder Bag? (August 9 2009) My mother has one of my recessed zipper shoulder bag and she wanted me to make the exact same bag for her friend. But she wanted it wider (must be able to contain an umbrella!). And she wanted large flowers. And of course I had the perfect fabric. Remember my retro canvas fabric? I was amazed I had enough left for this bag. I think I had a pretty good run with this fabric. There's a little leftover for maybe a pouch. And so I thought it would be amusing if I were to make the bag, using my own tutorial. Yes, my life is really boring and I need all the kicks I can get.

Heh heh. Yes, I did use my tute and I think I'm a darn good teacher!
Of course I had to do the zipper a tiny bit different from the tute. You know me. Oh dear, now that I'm looking at the bag again, I'm wondering if it's suitable for a woman in her 60s? The pink and the red and all that loud flowers? See, some people when they see flower-flower prints, they immediately think Auntie.(old people) But I don't. Yes, dear folks, I too, like flower-flower prints.

Lastly, I'm wondering how to package large bags for sending overseas? So far I've only listed smaller items so they're easy to post. I'm thinking about listing my larger bags and boy some are huge! Any ideas what I could use for packaging other than the expensive boxes sold at post office?

If you're wondering why there aren't any pics of my brooches, it's coz I'm making a series and it's not completed. See you guys soon.


Kandi said...

That new bag is great and the fabric is lovely. How about posting bags overseas using those heavy duty polythene mailing bags the type used to post clothing?
Kandi x

Chris H said...

Yaa you got your mojo back, the newest bag is certainly bright... just lovely.

Dee said...

can hardly wait to see the brooches. :)
i sure relate to the fav craft funk and to how you get past it. any great ideas for a whole of life funk? lol.
that bag is great! i love the big bright flowers. i'm into bright stuff though. it doesn't seem old lady to me - not sure if that is a good thingor not.

Mandy said...

For boxes -
You register to be member first and will receive $5 gift voucher. Use the voucher to offset. To save on delivery, order and pickup. Their cube box is cheaper than SingPost but the discount is really only of you buy 50+. Too bad I don't make such huge hairband, if not, we can share.

antmee said...

So sneaky! And to use a school to push your product! I would have been mighty peeved!

As for packaging. I would look into the heavy duty bags mentioned in a earlier comment because they would be light and therefore cheaper to post. The bags are tough enough I recon to protect the item being shipped. Filled with those foam bits should help prevent the bag getting squashed.

by night said...

I don't know how I did but I missed this post of yours! I love the bag! and the fabric! and I might - someday when I really really need a new bag ;-) - give your tutorial a try

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