Sunday, May 16, 2010

Canvas Zip Pouches

Oh yes. This fabric again. I wanted to use the leftover fabric and never look at it again. I had so many ideas but based on the amount of usable fabric, I decided two zip pouches would be the best option. And you know what? I still have a tiny bit of fabric left. But it's totally not usable except as scraps.
 I sewed a little flower. Can you find it?
I sewed some veins on the leaves too. If you're wondering why the thread looks so "pop-out", it's because they are Olyumpus Sashiko thread. Real pricey thread!
Are you also checking out my wooden jewellery box I used as a prop in my first image? My friend, Jon gave it to me many years ago. I wonder if he remembers it? Sadly, the metal bits are rusty but the wooden bits still look good. I use it to keep my jewellery.
The second zip pouch is way smaller. I like longish zip pouch for some strange reason. I kept this pouch simple - no embroidery. Both now available at Zibbet.
I made my first zip pouch on October 19 2007. I have come a long way since then and really, learning to sew a zip pouch is the best way to learn to handle zippers. Today I re-read all my posts from when I learnt sewing zip pouch using free tutorials found on the web and I thought it might benefit those of you who want to try your hand at making your very own zip pouch. So I tagged "top zip pouch" on these posts. If you want to follow my early journey through zip pouches, just go to the sidebar Label and click on "top zip pouch".
To be honest with you, I'm still looking for a perfect way to sew zip pouches. Those who handsew would be able to achieve a perfect zip pouch without the "awkward corners" but if you use a sewing machine, some tiny bit of awkward corners is inevitable. Honestly I have asked people if they can see the awkard corners and to date, everyone has said they see nothing awkard. Perhaps it's just me. I'm very anal (excusez-moi) about perfection in sewing.
It's a boy! To those who gamely went along and guessed the sex of the baby shoes recipient, did you get it right? I used a toy car to give a clue. Today was the celebration of the baby turning one-month. This is a very Chinese tradition. You can read more here. I wanted to take a photo of the food we received but my husband and girl ate all the food before I could take out the camera. What's left is the cake but I'd dug my way through it so it's pretty ugly. So I shall spare you.

School exams are over. Yay! Some results are out. As usual, Chinese gets the lowest score. Both my kids flunked Chinese Booklet B. So it's official. Another generation of Chinese language flunkers. Recently the government announced yet another revamp to the way Chinese is taught in schools seeing how it's not possible for majority of the Chinese Singaporeans to master two languages! Seriously, unless someone has the balls to reform the current way of teaching and testing Chinese language, my kids will carry on flunking. Because Chinese is pitched at too high a level for the average kid. It is unnecessary burden for the kids and the parents. I will have to sign my kids up for extra and very expensive Chinese classes during the June holidays. (can you hear my kids screaming?) May I ask? How many countries in this world insist the students master two languages? Hands up those of you who are proficient in two languages?

Sorry for all that ranting. All these bad news was really a strain on me. I had been medication-free for 2 months since my myofascial pain disappeared. It's a miracle for me because not so long ago, I thought I would have to be on meds forever! But I did it. No more meds. Yay! Sadly, some of the pain has returned due to poor exam results and two very trying children. I don't handle stress well. But I'm determined not to go back to the meds. Deep breathing here I come!

The meds made me put on a ton of weight! Many people have told me to lose weight. Even my gynae! I'm now experiencing the fat side of life and it's not pretty. Anyway, my next appointment with my gynae is 1 year away so I have 1 year to lose my flab or I'll have to find a new gynae and I do like my gynae so! I think some of you um, larger readers might be putting on your "bitch slap" gloves but let me explain. In Singapore, my body size is undesirable. I don't live in NZ or Australia or US. Now put away those "bitch slap" gloves.

Oh, I handed over the canvas bag to my mom today and she gave a little shriek when she saw how "red" it was. I have it feeling it might get rejected.

See you guys real soon.


Dee said...

love the sewing on the little bag - adds a sweet touch.

education - here in Qld our children all have the opportunity to learn a second laguage in school. some primary schools and all secondary. it varies as to which year it starts and what language is offered depending on the school admin and language teachers available.
it is not expected that it is mastered and so very few kids actually choose it in high school beyond the initial 'taster' in their first year, and even fewer become proficient.
one school my kids attended offered two languages but had to drop one of them due to shortage of teachers for that language.
due to transfering between schools, my kids had done a smattering of: Japanese, German, French and Indonesian. one school started LOTE (language other than English) at first grade, another school started it at grade 3, another grade 5 and another grade 6 so the amount of language they were exposed to varied too. some schools offer an immersion programme where all lessons are done in the second language and this is where the most success at leaning happens.
most high school offer lote for one semeter in the first year and from there the kids can choose. two of my kids chose to learn german and have done several years of it. the school that my youngest now goes to has a compulsory LOTE program and offers four languages: french, German, Chinese and spanish. since my daughter had already studied german for a couple of years she has chosen to stay with that so that she has a chace of actually mastering a second language. she wanted to do chinese or spanish but likes german too.
sounds like there is a lot of pressure on your kids.
all the best with managing the stress and pain.

Chris H said...

Very cute pouches.
I think I guessed baby was a boy!
I can only speak one language, and that is enough for me!

Mandy said...

Hey Jane, chill! Don't stress! My girl failed D&T, Physics, Chemistry, Chinese, History, Social Studies! You don't wanna look at me now. It's not a pretty sight.I am not going for the Meet-the-Parents Session.... got to look for a hole to bury my head.

antmee said...

Love your pouches!

its not compulsory to learn a new language here in Australia. Introductory lessons in a couple of years of school. Mainly primary school.

After many years of my son's school life of being told how smart my son is and can be anything he wants when he grows up, he found out that girls are cute in his final year. (12) And the other day the school posted me a letter telling me my son will fail year 12 if he continues the way he is going.

Should have enrolled him in a boys only school! lol

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