Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boy Or Girl?

A while back when Mayya's Sew Chic & Unique did a Baby Shoe Sew N Tell, I wanted to join in as I thought I could make it as a gift to a new member of my extended family. Unfortunately I was busy that week with my bags and had no time for baby shoes. What Mayya does is she finds a few sewing projects tutes and get interested folks to vote. The most popular project gets made by the interested folks and you submit your completed project by the given deadline and Mayya will feature them in a blog post. For the baby shoes, the tute was by Stardust Shoes and the author is Joanna.

Yesterday I downloaded Joanna's tutorial and had a crack at her cloth baby shoes.
 If you use the tute, your shoes will look slightly different from mine. Yes, I'm that kind of person. I realised from reading thru' the tute that the shoes will end up with exposed raw edges and I don't like exposed raw edges. So I sewed the shoes the way I sewed my bags and this is the result. The fabric used is some leftover fabric I had. The fabric print is by designer Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman from the Creatures and Critters Collection.
This is the inside of the shoes.

To be honest with you, the shoes don't look very wearable! But babies don't need to wear shoes, right? When my kids were babies, they were bare footed most of the time. However, other people would put pressure on me to put booties on their feet. I mean, Singapore is so hot! I remember up to the age of 7, I would, like many many other Singapore parents, get my kids to put on a sweater for fear of them catching a cold. Oh, for crying out loud, it's so freaking hot. Thank goodness, one day my son told me he's never cold. In fact, the only time he feels cold is when he's sick. So that put an end to my sweatering my kids days. My girl, however, needs a sweater in an air-conditioned room. She's very yin. But outside an air-conditioned environment, it's comfy, cool clothing only rule for her. She sweats up a storm.

So can you tell if it's a boy or a girl? Well, I'm still giving the shoes. I guess it's good for looking at!


Dee said...

cute tootsies! by my reckoning they could be either for a boy or girl - boy is my guess.

Jonathan said...


tamdoll said...

I couldn't tell if they were for a boy or a girl - but they're really, really cute!

I never put shoes on my kids either, and people would always think I was strange because of that. I didn't think they needed them until they were walking outside - when they were babies, I only put socks on if it was wintertime & cold here, but they usually pulled them off anyway.

by night said...

I just couldn't tell. Both, maybe? ;-)
Anyway, these are very very cute!

Chris H said...

Those baby shoes are just adorable! I think for a girl.
I can't imagine ever having to wear a sweater in Singapore! Except in Air conditoned places I suppose!
I know I was dreadfully HOT in Singapore, and the worse day was when we decided in our infinite wisdom to WALK over the bridge into Malaysia! No idea why we did that, but I did get some amazing lace for my windows in Malaysia!

Carol & Eddy said...

My two little girls are always barefooted, too. Even when they're in their strollers. And yes, you are right, people are always telling me to put socks or shows on for them :-( I also noticed that when we go for childrens' parties, the angmoh kids would leave their party hats on the entire time. Go to an asian birthday party, and not one asian child would wear a party hat for more than 2 minutes, mine included :-(

antmee said...

Cute booties! They could be used for either a girl or a boy but because of the blue car prop used in pic I would have to say "boy".

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