Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Bird Shat On My Head

No kidding. A bird shat on my head this morning when I was walking my girl to school. I saw a bird fly above me and next thing you know, plaattt! Good thing it didn't hit my girl because it's English Language exam today and it would have messed her up. My girl wasn't as grossed out as I was. She used paper towel to remove most of it from my hair. However disgusted as I was, I couldn't help but marvel at the multi-tasking abilities of birds!
Yes, it's exam period in Singapore schools and like other parents I have been nervous. My son's response to my request to do some studying is to involve me in his studying. So here I am, reading Shattering Glass by Gail Giles. We have to read 12 chapters for Monday's Literature exam. I'm happy to say we have completed 12 chapters. This book is more interesting to read than The Westin Game which I'm still struggling to complete. Learning is easy when you have Google. I wish Google was invented during my school days. We discovered from Google Images that ho-hos (which the boys in Shattering Glass ate) are really delicious looking cylindrical chocolate cream cakes. As soon as we have a chance, we're going out to look for some ho-hos or something close. I don't think I can help my son in any other subjects. They're too hard for me!
I didn't fritter my week away. I managed to complete one bag! This is quite similar to another striped bag I had made for March MAAD except I used pleats.
This earlier red striped bag had gathers which I found a little hard to sew as the striped fabric is thick. The method of construction is very hard around the band. If I were to make a similar bag again, I would definitely rethink the construction method.
I had also reworked my granny bag template. It's still on newspaper as I haven't found the right fabric for my granny bags. I would love to make a few.

Here are my outstanding tasks which I must get done next week:
Baby bootie
Tute for bag bottom
Bag for mom's friend
Bag for mom

Why am I making a bag for my mother? Apparently, one of the women she hanged out with showed off a handmade bag which put my mother's handmade bag to shame. She was using one of my "earlier work". I think it's time for a kick ass bag for my mother to show off!

As for June MAAD, I'm going for 10 new items. I did not meet my target the last 2 rounds. It's getting to be a habit? This round, I'm going to die trying.


Jon said...

did you go buy toto.....supposed to be good luck if a bird shat on you

Kandi said...

This has to be my favourite blog title of the week ~ it made me giggle! In England this is considered very lucky. I love your blue striped bag it's very nautical which is in vogue over here at the moment.
Kandi x

jane p said...

Jon, thank you for the remind. No, I haven't bought toto. Getting clean was my priority! But let's see how lucky I am.

Kandi, thank you. Looks like I'm lucky in England too.

Next Toto is $3 million!

Chris H said...

I hope it is good luck to have a bird shat on your head. I would have been grossed out totally by that!
Love the blue bag!

tamdoll said...

I've heard it's lucky, too... er... but I don't know why.

I liked reading about your bag sales in your last post - when there's repeat customers, that's always great!

I think I'll put Shattering Glass on my "to-read" list, that looks like a good one. But, I'll skip the ho-ho's they're not that good.

Chris H said...

Have you not read my sidebar? I have three girls (aged 31, 30 and 28) and three sons (aged 27, 23 and 20), and we are also raising two of our grandchildren, Brylee 9 and Griffin 8, who we have had since they were born.
Yes, I am a busy girl!

Amanda Makes said...

Hi. I've come over fro Kandipandi's blog. I'm so glad she mentioned you! Love your bags! Much love, Amanda xxx

Linda said...

Hi, I've also come to visit your blog after Kandipandi had recommended you in her blog. I will definately have to come back to visit & see if you manage to make your mum a bag to be proud of!! Keep up the excellent work. Linda

Atasha said...

You're on my Google page and I had quite the laugh when I saw your post title. :-)
I love your bags. I've recently made a couple of them myself, not as cute as yours but I'm pleased nonetheless

antmee said...

I hope your son and daughter's exams went well. Your mother should certainly be able to brag about her new bag as your current stock has developed the "wow" factor.

You handled the bird bombing incident well! I actually may prefer they landed on me and not my clothesline full of clean washing! lol

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