Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Redwork Eagle Bag

Somehow I did it. Despite a severe shortage of similar outer fabirc, I managed to complete this Eagle Bag. I'll be honest. I really, really wanted to junk it many times. But I had spent a fair amount of time working on the Redwork embroidery and it seemed such a waste. If you don't already know, redwork refers to a form of embroidery where red embroidery floss is used to sew an outline stitch, traditionally stem stich to depict a line drawing. Only one colour is used thru'out the embroidery. I've liked redwork for many years now, long before I started making bags. You can of course use a different colour, say blue and you will call it bluework. I used backstitch for my eagle.

Today I am the model. I dressed up for it. Yes, a clean Tee and jeans is how I dress up. Otherwise it'll be the Tee I slept in and pink shorts. I am of course very regretful I could not do piping for this bag due to lack of appropriate fabric. Piping needs to be cut on the bias and as such, an insane amount of fabric is required. Now that piping is one of the Must-Have for my bags, I really need to get fabric in a variety of colours solely for piping. Does anyone do piping?
The Boss pose.
Freaking hot day.
The inside. Might make a similar bag next month but with the inside on the outside. Hope I can find an appropriate green fabric for the piping.

Countdown to May MAAD (this weekend!). This is the 4th bag out of 6 bags I said I would make. 2 more bags to go in 2 days.

Let the eagle in you soar. See ya.


Kandi said...

Its great Jane! I'm glad you didn't give up after all the work you put into the embroidery! I love your t-shirt too.
Kandi x

jane p said...

Thank you Kandi. Hehe...the Tee is from Zara. I have 2. Other one is plum-red. I look like I'm on fire when I wear it.

antmee said...

Love your redwork! Thanks for the info on it being done using stem stitch. That is one embroidery stitch that I actual know how to do!

Bag is awesome. I have attempted piping but haven't had much success in it not looking twisted. By the way....you make an excellent model!

Chris H said...

It was worth all the hard work girl. it's a lovely bag!

Dee said...

good to see you modelling. :)
great bag. bet all that embroidery took a few hours - it was worth it.

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